Visual Identities For Growing Businesses

branding is important because

In competitive industries, your visual identity can be a key point of differentiation, but this is often overlooked. Our branding work aims to incorporate everything you need for the long-term when it comes to how your business looks and feels, enabling you to charge more and work with better clients.

Your brand is not just be your logo, but instead an entire system based on research and strategy that can be utilised for years to come across your social media, website, print and so much more. Leaving you with less design revisions down the line, saving both time and money. Read our full branding guide here

Who is branding ideal for?

Our branding service is ideal for growing businesses that are struggling with consistency when it comes to their creative output. Ask yourself: Do your business cards, website, social media and printed collateral look like they belong together?

In order to build something that’s easily identifiable and recognisable for your target audience, you need branding that is unique, fit for purpose and used consistently. Find out more about what that includes below.

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Our Branding Includes

Our branding process


We'll discuss your creative challenges through meetings and questionnaires. Then analyse your competition to see how you can stand out. All of this is done with your target audience in mind.


Based on our research, we'll start to develop and test ideas your target audience will love. This stage includes checking for originality, accessibility and functionality in the most likely applications.


After creating all the elements of your brand, we'll create a brand guideline. This will enable you to remain consistent over time and ultimately improve your brand recognition and image.

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