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Search Engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website for specific search terms. This is done through improvement at 3 levels:

  • Content: on the website
  • Technical: in the backend of the website
  • Outreach: outside the website through developing partnerships with parallel businesses

You can learn more about SEO by following our blog posts on the topic.

Yes – if people are searching for your products and services, and you want to be visible on Google!

Having a website is not enough to attract traffic anymore. In short, chances are that you are not the only company providing a product or service, no matter how niche we go.

On top, most users only search the first 2 pages of Google. So, your website needs continuous work to rank on the pages at the front.

To put it simply: think back to how you use Google, and how your target audience uses Google. Is there value in being on top of a search result? It all depends on what you are selling and if people are looking for it, and buying through Google, and other search engines.

Based on the data we have been collecting since providing our digital marketing services, our services are ideally suited for businesses that have been around for a minimum of 3 years and have at least 3 staff members. This information is in line with the required investment on your behalf to get towards a meaningful ROI, that will help us scale your business in the mid to long term.

Our core service, SEO, in a digital sense, is comparable with land acquisition within real estate. In other words, it helps you build on top of your placeholding. However, getting involved with land acquisition isn’t for every property investor, until they have reached a level where they are closing parallel deals through other methods, e.g. outreach and professional relationships building. In short, SEO is a mid to long term strategy to help you gain eyes on your business through Google searches.

This is also evident from a pricing perspective, as the minimum investment in SEO is between £2,400 and £9,600 pounds when working with us, with potential returns of £23,000 upwards on a yearly basis, and a buffer of at least 3 months initially. Most startups, simply, do not have the funds to invest in a service that will start paying back in the next 3 to 6 months.

So, by definition, we do not work with typical startups. However, we are still open to providing any support wherever we can, especially through our Volta Blue initiative, that involves nearly 1,000 businesses. And, it goes without saying that, if you are not a typical startup, i.e. have the financial firepower or are ahead of the curve of where a typical, comparable startup will be at your stage, we are more than happy to help you with your SEO, and digital marketing in general.

In addition, we do not provide our other services, i.e. web design and podcasting, without the SEO, which eliminates these options for any typical startups that are looking to work with us, as clients.

Projects with an established, substantial need through search engines, i.e. people looking for it on Google for instance, is an ideal project for us. It is important to understand the part about ‘substantial’. There are 2 situations here, which both qualify:

  • Niche products and services with a relatively small search volume, where each sale is worth a significant amount. For example, on average, only 230 people per month search for “luxury apartments for rent in Birmingham”, but even just 1 close out of these 230 searches will pay for your whole SEO expenditure on the whole project. So, it is worth investing in SEO.
  • Mass market products and services with a significantly high search volume per month. For example, 6,700 people per month search for “Oxford Taxis”. Now, even though most taxi journeys cost less than £20, the number of people simply searching and booking through Google definitely makes it worth investing in SEO. Also, keep in mind that, in most cases, the search volumes are constantly going up, as more people turn to Google to fulfil their needs and wants.

Website design and podcasting then come into play to extend the impact of our SEO services, and are adaptable to your needs and the potential that can be extracted from these services, especially for you.

To begin, we do not work with any fixed term contracts. With a 30 day notice period, you can stop your partnership with us. At this point, you will not be asked any questions about your decision, unless you want to share a change of circumstances, in which case we will still try to help you out where we can.

In terms of the length of projects, most rankings are achieved within 3 to 6 months. However, 75% of our clients end up investing further with us, within SEO or other forms. Simply, your clients through Google for instance, may be looking at more than 1 of your services, or even looking at a service with different terms. This opens up further opportunities for SEO and ranking your business on Google.

Same goes for geographical reach. For instance, if you have more than 1 area of coverage, and we have ranked you in 1 location, chances are that you will want to continue with the opportunity. So far, the highest coverage we have provided for a client is 19 locations, but, typically, if your locations are within the UK, there is no limit to where we can rank you on Google, and other search engines.

We will invoice you from the date of starting to work with you, and then on a monthly basis. For instance, if we started working with you on the 19th of January, you will receive an invoice on the 19th of January, and then on the 19th of every month afterwards until the project is completed or stopped from either parties.

Please note that we do not start the delivery of our SEO services, for the given month, until a payment has been received. This is typically expected to have been taken care of, from your end, in the 1st 4 days of receiving the invoice. We do so, simply, to maintain the efficiency of our delivery mechanisms. Any chasing of finances simply stops us from actually doing the work: getting you to the top of Google search results.

Therefore, we suggest that you set up a direct debit. Here, if you need any help in setting up, just let us know and we will help you out.

Please also note that we make your data available to you at all times. This means that you can check, on your dashboard on our G Suite, what work has been done for you. Our dashboards are end to end encrypted, and apart from you and our team working on the project, no one is able to access this information.

Similarly, we will also include information on how you can track your Google rankings, without physically having to Google the terms. We do so by setting you up on Semrush and giving you access to your account.

That’s not a problem. We thrive on communication and working around your timeline.

So, all you have to do is get in touch with us by either calling or dropping us an email and we can delay the project to fit your needs.

Again, given that we do not start the SEO work until the payment is received, you will not be liable for any further expenses incurred, because we will simply not have done anything at that point.

Yes, we have a clearly defined privacy policy and we comply with GDPR. You can check our full privacy policy here.

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