Keywords Explained
What Are Keywords?

In the vocabulary of Search Engine Optimisation, Keywords are terms used by people to make a search on Google (and other search engines). As a result, targeting keywords forms the basis of any SEO strategy.

Importance of Keywords

Let’s ask a simple question. How do your customers find you online?

Usually, there are three ways a potential customer can come across your website:

1. They already know who you are. This means that they will search specifically for your name and land on your website.

2. They come across your products or services via a social channel, whether it’s social media or a direct, physical connection, e.g. a referral.

3. They know the service they need and you happen to provide that service. In this case, they will search for that service on Google, or another search engine and look through the results.

Most of your customers will come through the third method unless you are an established business or a networking champion. But, there is an issue here.

Customer searches are very specific. Simply, it is not a case of making a website and expecting people to find it through searching. Chances are: you are among 100s of businesses, trying to sell a product or service. And, even if you have a unique selling proposition, you will need to make sure that potential customers actually get to see that proposition before getting in touch.

So, unless you optimise your website for specific keywords and demonstrate your credibility, Google will not show your products or services.

This means, you are losing out on potential customers everyday even though you have what they need. So, what should you do?

What’s Next?

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