Content Marketing – The Intricacies Beyond Blogging

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Business is no longer about hoarding knowledge..

Therefore, business starts with producing value from content that builds trust.

Today, businesses need to connect with personalities by being in tune. Here, Content Marketing is the vehicle to creating traction with your potential customers.

Content marketing is not just about producing value beyond traditional ways. Actually, research suggests that companies that keep a regular connection with their customers enjoy better sales, cut costs, and have relatively more loyal customers.

What else can a business want.

The Good Old Days

Business strategies, e.g. printed leaflets and door to door sales, have risen and declined in the past.

But, even after continued predictions of declining book sales, written content has stayed around strongly. Therefore, content marketing is the past, present, and future of Digital Marketing.

While others might come and go, your content will keep generating growth for your business. Big brands, from P&G to Microsoft, and Apple to Nestle stand by content marketing.

More specifically, these brands work on creating value digitally and produce content that their customers are interested in reading.

Making Progress

Based on your business, the type of content produced will vary. On our advanced training sessions around content marketing, we go into the kind of content that your business should be producing in more detail.

The main objective here is to speak the language of your audience. Various personas prefer particular tones, which, if you can cater to, create deeper engagement.

Further, you can find opportunities to tweak your content marketing through analysing the data on your Google Analytics or social media analytics. (Once again, if you would like to improve your understanding of data, how to categorise it and make sense of it, and apply learnings from it, please join us for some free training on Google Data Studio).

The focus of your business must always be on producing quality content that your audience is interested in. Moreover, there is no point in putting heaps of information on your website that will be lost in the internet sea.


Main Content Types

1. Social Media Posts

This is your opportunity to build trust and set the foundations of building a relationship.

Sharing content is a broad concept and you can’t post and hope for it to land in front of the intended audience.

For instance, if you are using LinkedIn, even though the algorithms have improved, you need to tweak your approach slightly to reach the right audience. Check our article on this topic to learn more about LinkedIn and how to use it. We have also produced content on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which will be useful for you, once you are ready to upgrade.

A simple trick to remember is: keep it short and snappy, at least in the beginning.

This is because your audience would not have bought into you yet. But, once you’ve built trust and attention, you can produce longer pieces and still keep growing from there.

2. Blog Articles

This is what people think of when content marketing is mentioned.

The importance of blog content changes as you grow as a business.

To begin, search engines treat blogs as one of the leading factors in determining your knowledge of your sector. In other words, even if you are not getting any audience, good blog content pushes your money pages up the ranking, as long as you are demonstrating knowledge of your wider area of expertise.

However, once there is real traffic on your site, blogs turn into something even more important.

At Axies Digital, we have noticed that, no matter where the traffic comes from, more than half the visitors check our blogs. This is simply because blogs are the clearest indication of what you are all about.

So, if all your content is around trying to make a sale, chances are that you’ll lose this potential client. But, if you are all about sharing and community, and the development of business, and the visitors like what you are talking about, they are more likely to engage with you further.

In addition, if the content that you are producing is around key terms with search volume, these blogs can become a direct source of traffic and even drive sales in the long term. If that is the case, consider building a subscription model where you can regularly send relevant content and capture that lead.

3. Videos

As you can imagine, videos are highly engaging and the richest form of content.

Apart from capturing more information that any other medium can deliver, videos are amazing in terms of holding attention, especially when done right.

And, audiences love to see this because they connect with your tone and style of delivery in these videos.

In addition, if you are able to capitalise on the potential of your content, even a source like YouTube can build some serious traction, which can propel your business even further.

4. Podcast

Something a little more contemporary, podcasts are a growing medium.

As compared to video, this medium requires less editing and polishing. However, as you can imagine, building a following through podcast is still a question many people are trying to crack.

So, if you are able to tap into an audience and start building your podcast, you can be at the front of something really special.

Dive Deeper

If you believe that you should be operating your own content but require a helping hand, please checkout our training sessions here

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