Purely Elizabeth, a leading disruptor in the breakfast category, has unveiled its first large-scale advertising campaign in an effort to maintain its strong performance from the first quarter of this year. 

The company reported an impressive 56% year-over-year sales growth and continues to hold the title of the top-selling granola in the natural channel for over seven years, according to release details.

The ‘Savour the Start’ Campaign

The campaign, aptly named ‘Savour the Start,’ aims to convey the benefits of enjoying a balanced breakfast. Purely Elizabeth’s CEO and founder emphasised the brand’s belief in the power of beginnings and the importance of taking that first step. 

They went on to state that they believe in the transformative power of a great start to the day, and this campaign embodies their commitment to offering delicious and nutritious options that empower individuals to make positive choices.

Advertisement Highlights

In a 30-second video spot, a person is seen eating a bowl of granola while a voiceover narrates the concept. 

The simple act of enjoying breakfast leads to a cascade of positive outcomes, including successful meditation, intensive study with monks, a vow of silence, and ultimately transcending one’s physical form. 

Recognising this might be an exaggeration, the commercial humorously reverts back to the breakfast table, emphasising the organic oats and superfoods in the product. 

This blend of humour and practical messaging aims to resonate with health-conscious consumers who appreciate a balanced approach to wellness.

Simpler Messaging

The digital and out-of-home executions of the campaign feature straightforward messaging, highlighting the product and its ingredients with headlines such as “We made it from scratch so you don’t have to” and “Savour the Start.” 

These ads will be prominently displayed in high-traffic areas, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. What’s more, the campaign leverages modern design aesthetics, featuring vibrant imagery of the granola’s natural ingredients, to appeal to a contemporary audience.

Partnership with Goop

The campaign also includes a strategic partnership with Goop, the wellness and lifestyle brand founded by Gwyneth Paltrow

This collaboration will feature Purely Elizabeth’s Organic Ancient Grain Original Granola on goop.com, in Goop stores, and as part of a Goop Kitchen exclusive. 

What’s more, this tie-up is expected to help Purely Elizabeth reach consumers who are particularly interested in wellness and better-for-you products. 

Also, the partnership with Goop aligns perfectly with their mission to provide clean, nutritious foods, and Purely Elizabeth are thrilled to bring their granola to a broader audience through this exciting collaboration.

Industry Echoes

Purely Elizabeth’s latest campaign mirrors recent efforts from other major players in the breakfast category. The Quaker Oats Company and Thomas’ Breakfast have both launched campaigns reinforcing the notion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

Quaker’s campaign used still photographs and audio to show how their products help individuals of all ages prepare for important days. 

Meanwhile, Thomas’ introduced its first brand character in its nearly 150-year history with a campaign tagged ‘Huzzah! A Toast to Breakfast,’ encouraging consumers to appreciate breakfast amid the morning rush.

Market Impact and Future Directions

Purely Elizabeth’s bold entry into large-scale advertising signifies a strategic move to not only retain but expand its market share

By focusing on the importance of breakfast and leveraging partnerships with influential lifestyle brands like Goop, the company is positioning itself at the forefront of the health food movement. 

Industry analysts predict that this campaign could set a new standard for marketing within the natural foods sector, pushing competitors to innovate and elevate their own strategies.


Purely Elizabeth’s ‘Savour the Start’ campaign reflects the brand’s dedication to promoting a balanced and nutritious breakfast. By highlighting the benefits of small, positive changes, the campaign aims to inspire consumers to make healthier choices. 

With a mix of humorous and straightforward messaging, along with a strategic partnership with Goop, Purely Elizabeth is well-positioned to continue its success in the competitive breakfast market. 

Finally, the campaign not only underscores the importance of breakfast but also showcases the brand’s commitment to quality and wellness, potentially setting a new benchmark in the industry.