What We Offer


Search engine optimisation is a mid-term strategy that will get you in front of ready to buy customers. Just like everyday life, SEO works on the basis of credibility. We help to improve that credibility through producing relevant content that matches what your customers are searching for.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

We do not just post on your behalf. Instead, we utilise targeting techniques and a wealth of experience to help you achieve your sales goals. We focus on connecting you to the right people, ideal for those in a B2B market.

Graphic Design

We will communicate the value you bring in a clear, creative and visually engaging way. Built upon a detailed understanding of your business, we make sure your message is consistent and targeted at the right audience in order to bring you results.

Web Design

Our web design service is about ensuring you a return on your investment. Ideal for small-medium sized businesses, we create beautiful websites that are tailored for future growth. Where future traffic and SEO takes priority.


Podcasts have become a great way of engaging with your target audience and boosting other mediums of your marketing. We can help you become more strategic with your existing podcast, book you as a guest on our very own Volta Blue Podcast or guide you through starting your very own podcast.

Coming Soon…

As we continue to grow, more services will become available. Please get in touch if you have any questions.