Backlinks Explained
What Are Backlinks?

Just like any social setting, words about you from a credible source are more impactful than your own, personal descriptions. Websites work the same way.

A backlink is when another website mentions your business and hyperlinks to it.

And just like a social setting, the more credible this website giving you a mention is, the more impactful this backlink is going to be.

In particular, a website that has been live for a couple of years, represents a business itself, and is geographically and strategically relevant to your business is better as a backlink than some random blogger that you can pay to mention you.

And this is exactly what we do to get you relevant backlinks: we form relationships with other businesses within our community, which then leads to content collaborations, giving your website a nod for these collaborations and helping with your Google rankings.

How Do We Gain Backlinks?

We have been able to form these relationships mainly through Volta Blue, with nearly 1,000 businesses involved. In addition, we are highly sociable individuals, and have crafted 10s of close business relationships that we can call upon to help with your SEO.

While doing so, we construct win-win scenarios, writing high quality content for our partners providing the backlink, rather than simply asking for a backlink. That is why, we have a high success rate in gaining real backlinks, rather than running email campaigns or spamming businesses to attain any links, whether relevant or not, as is the practice across the digital marketing industry.

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All our SEO practices are backed by our understanding of social psychology.

What we try to understand, continually, is how algorithms translate real life experiences into digital steps that can be taken to help you elevate your business.

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