Branding / Graphic Design

About Their Business

Path2Lab are biomedical couriers changing the way pharmacies, laboratories and nursing businesses are handling their logistics. Path2Lab pride themselves on their commitment, responsibility and care.

The Creative Challenge

As a newer business, it was vital Path2Lab would be recognisable to the industries they serve. The challenge was doing such, without being overly samey. Due to where the branding would end up, it was also important to include a lot of flexibility within the system, so that everything always felt cohesive. For example, having multiple variations of the logo for various situations

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The Creative Process


The first thing we did was research through meetings, questionnaires and moodboards. Collectively this gave us a solid foundation. We knew what Path2Lab wanted to achieve, what potential problems we would face and who the target audience was.


After the research, we went into designing. The logo came first, where we opted for a serif typeface. Unlike most of the industry, we felt this highlighted the extra attention to detail Path2Lab provides and knew it would likely resonate with their audience. Using mint and navy in combination with double helix inspired shapes, we got across the medical mood.

Going Forward

Following the presentation of the brand guidelines, we sent the final versions alongside all the logo files, iconography and applications. Going forward we’re excited to see how the Path2Lab brand will be utilised. Expect to see them in a pharmacy near you!

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