CRS Matrix


About Their Business

CRS Matrix is the parent brand of CRS Gas, CRS Electrical and CRS Energy. They provide exceptional customer service for anything gas, electrical or energy for homeowners, landlords, estate agents, businesses, etc.

The Creative Challenge

After an initial questionnaire and meeting, we were tasked with creating a brand identity and brand guidelines for CRS Matrix (including sub-brands), focusing on unifying and better aligning their offerings. This work was to act as the foundation for marketing material going forward. Based on our conversations and research, we knew CRS could reposition slightly to be perceived as more modern and for their visuals to better represent their approach in other areas of their business.

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The Creative Process


Before starting anything creative, we did some research into CRS’ target audience, competition and their existing branding. Owing to this, we proposed two ideas: “Refreshing Unity” and “Quality Convenience”. Each with the goal of unifying their offerings, just in slightly different ways.


Once we knew which direction to go in, we started the creative work. Overall the aim was for simplification, with each sub-brand feeling like they belonged to the same group. We also wanted to keep some elements of the old branding, to not completely alienate anyone familiar with it already. As a result, we kept the bold CRS in all logos as the dominant element.


After we presented the branding, we shared full guidelines as an interactive PDF, plus a bunch of mockups of how the brand could look. The majority of colours, logos, fonts, etc were given in an Adobe Creative Cloud Library so they were free to start creating.

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