Peak and Brim


About Their Business

Peak and Brim are a British luxury headwear brand that have been in operation for over thirty years. Their hats are sold across the globe, from Europe to the Americas and over the years they have attended many major trade shows such as; Country Living, Burnley House, Hampton Court Flower Show and RHS Tatton Park.

The Creative Challenge

Peak and Brim faced the challenge of having no documentation around their brand. When collaborating with other companies, keeping the brand consistent was a real challenge. With the plan to improve their marketing efforts, having guidelines and a clear image to follow was a must in order to make the most of their already strong brand. Due to their history and the products being the star of the show, creating a visual identity was not easy.

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The Creative Process


Before designing anything, we had plenty of meetings, conversations and questionnaires in order to get a good idea of what the brand needed. Afterwards, we presented two rough concepts alongside customer personas, a competitive summary, and what we believed the challenges to the brand were. This ensured everyone was on the same page and in agreement with what direction to head.

Brand Identity

Our branding efforts focused on Peak and Brim’s history, Britishness, sustainability efforts and high quality. Through the use of colour, messaging, type, patterns, textures and logos, we created a systemised identity that offered enough flexibility to be used in various situations, whilst allowing the products to shine. One aspect of this wider identity was taking textures and colours from their products and using them as accents on designs. This helps to highlight their hand-made qualities.

Results & Deliverables

We believe to have highlighted everything the Peak and Brim brand stands for, while at the same time enhancing it to better suit the digital age. This included vectorising their original logo, keeping the essence the same but offering better quality usage. The brand guidelines contain everything a collaborator needs to know about their brand, ensuring it remains consistent and continues to grow strongly.

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