Tomorrow Together


About Their Business

Tomorrow Together aims to make business coaching more accessible to those currently underserved by the sector. They help to grow businesses, and more importantly the entrepreneurs behind them.

The Creative Challenge

The challenge for Tomorrow Together was finding the right balance between appealing to potential franchisees and end users at the same time. Due to some other business ventures of the owner, it also meant a lot of colours and styles were off-limits in order to avoid any potential confusion.

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The Creative Process


We had several meetings and sent questionnaires in order to build a clear picture of what Tomorrow Together actually is, who it’s target audience is, and where the brand would physically end up. Collectively, we created customer personas so that we always had a point of reference.


We wanted to create something appropriate for the target audience, whilst still maintaining some elements of fun. It was also important to be representative and inclusive, without giving up on consistency. We delivered brand guidelines containing how this is achieved.

Going Foward

The branding will be used to create a new website – stay tuned.

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