Brain Art


About Their Business

Brain Art uses the power of art to help students learn Maths, English and Science in a more visual and engaging way. They cater for all age groups and offer everything from 1:1 sessions all the way to group workshops.

The Creative Challenge

Brain Art needed consistency and documentation in order for their brand to flourish. Targeting parents and alternative provision providers, Brain Art were required to highlight their connection between the arts and academia, in a way that stood out from the crowd.

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The Creative Process


We had meetings and sent questionnaires in order to get a good idea of Brain Art’s industry and how they differentiate themselves. This helped us to avoid visually competing with anyone else and guaranteed the messaging would be clear and appropriate.

Dynamism and Inclusivity

Having students form part of the Brain Art brand only felt right. We proposed the idea of a dynamic logo, whereby the “Brain” part could be interacted with by students. They could paint, colour or sketch in that part, eventually forming a bank of forever-changing logos. We also chose typefaces explicitly designed for readability, so that as many people as possible would have an easy time reading Brain Art’s material as possible.

Going Forward

Once everything was complete, we handed over interactive brand guidelines and all the logo files they would ever need. Going forward we believe Brain Art will certainly stand out from the crowd with their dynamic and minimalistic approach. With their Art x Motif and documentation in hand, they have everything necessary to build an identifiable brand.

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