About Their Business

Dent-ez is a start-up looking to highlight excellent dental clinics across the globe, especially those struggling to compete digitally.
Their aim is to make finding and comparing these clinics ez for those interested in dental tourism.

The Creative Challenge

As a new business, Dent-ez were starting from zero and so needed help with their strategic positioning alongside effective visuals that would appeal to both end-users, and other businesses. Detailed documentation was required to ensure consistency going forward, with a wide variety of potential stakeholders interacting with the brand.

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The Creative Process

Research and Strategy

After several meetings and questionnaire, we created B2C and B2b customer personas for Dent-ez and looked at the competition to see where was up for grabs. This included looking at other brand’s visuals to see how we could stand out. This was presented as part of several creative directions for the brand.


Based upon our research and the wide spectrum of potential users, we decided to keep the Dent-ez visuals fairly neutral overall. This allows for clinics using the service to stand out primarily, plus offers greater emphasis on the user experience rather than striking graphics that would be difficult and expensive to maintain.

Pangram Pangram’s Neue Montreal typeface was chosen due to it supporting many languages, as well as being wonderfully crafted and modern. In combination with a fresh colour palette and scalable logo, Dent-ez feels modern and is versatile enough for a variety of situations.

Deliverables & Next Steps

After the branding presentation, we delivered interactive PDFs of the brand guidelines and links to access all the logo files (in a variety of formats) and any other reusable assets. This work will act as as the foundation for a website and potentially more!

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