Siak Transfers

Website Remake

About Their Business

Siak Transfers are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of ceramic and glass decals. Based in Stoke-on-Trent, the family run business employ an expert team of staff able to provide solutions to all decoration needs.

The Creative Challenge

As an existing customer, Siak wanted to remake their website so that it’s easier to manage and update. Plus, have all the benefits that come with a modern CRM system. Previously making small changes would require a lot of time and effort, making Siak less reactive to change and unable to capitalise on opportunities in other areas of marketing.

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The Creative Process


We looked at their existing website to see what we would have to recreate. Where possible, finding opportunities to make it easier to manage in-house.

Design and Optimisation

We recreated Siaks website in design software, noting down every last measurement so it would be as accurate as possible. We also took all the media and content at this point, re-touching and optimising it where needed.

Development and Results

Based on the recreated design, we developed the new website on WordPress. This makes it easy to update and improve upon in the future, plus allows everyone to be more reactive to opportunities.

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