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Have you noticed this new trend? Opening a message on LinkedIn and, instead of text, you are greeted with a video.

If executed well, rather than being sent the same message as a 100 other people try, there is a scientific reason why marketers are turning to video for direct communication.

A new neuroscience study found that emails containing a video message prompted a happier reaction from the receiver, when compared to text only messages. In fact, the study found that text emails can trigger anxiety, which seems to be neutralised when there is a video included, while also generating feelings of positivity.

However, the reasons here might be deeper seated.


Intent Behind Video Content

In most cases, a video message is not just a video message; it generally tackles a challenge.

You will not just sit down, make a video, and include just two sentences; something along the lines of: Hi, I am X.

Chances are: you are going to include some more useful information, e.g. showing how to solve a potential challenge that the receiver might have. In other words, the intent of a video is generally to set a good standing for future conversations, i.e. the intent is usually more positive.

In all fairness, this was just one of the findings.


Other Findings

Other key findings from the study included:

  • Most readers will not read your full paragraphs; only concentrating on the initial parts. Hence, it is useful to keep written paragraphs short in marketing material.
  • Not groundbreaking: short paragraphs and sentences hold attention better.
  • More specific language leads to improved visualisation from the receiver.
  • Video content is easier to process and stays in the memory longer.
  • Including a reward, incentive, or an action in the title of your content leads to receivers remembering specifics in the content overall.
  • Show, rather than tell when you are explaining something in your video content. This can be achieved with props, illustrations, diagrams, and movement through the video, in general.


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