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The digital world is constantly shifting.

Video marketing has now become the new star of content marketing!

As you already know, the purpose of content marketing is to create and offer valuable content to your audience.

Above all, it should attract, engage and convert your visitors and carry them down the marketing funnel.

And videos are great at creating content that will educate them, build trust between you and direct them to a buying decision sooner.

In 2021, consumers are watching more videos now than ever before; the average person spends 100 minutes every day watching videos online – shocking right?

As for marketing, 93% of companies claim they secured a new customer because of their video content on social media, so if you haven’t created any videos yet, the question is: why not?

Despite these staggering figures, many companies are still sitting on the bench because they find creating videos a daunting challenge.

However, videos can capture the attention of your target audience for longer and they will retain the information better than any other form of content.

To help you start brainstorming content ideas, here are 5 types of videos you can include in your content marketing strategy.

1. Company Culture

Videos that showcase your company culture serve two great purposes.

Firstly, a company culture video will highlight the brand values of your company to your potential consumers.

Note, in these types of videos the point is to market your brand as a whole and not to try and sell a particular product or service – customers love a good purchase, but more so if it comes from a good place.

Research reveals that brands who are able to inspire emotions gain 3 times as much word-of-mouth marketing than others.

And so, by showing off your culture to the rest of the world is the perfect way for customers to form their own personal connection with your brand.

Ultimately, company culture videos will humanise your brand and if your audience can relate, they’ll much more likely be willing to pass on your message.

If you’re not too sure how to show your company’s culture through a video, you could start by giving your viewers a tour of your office or record a team building day.

Or perhaps even a short interview with an employee – anything as long as it shows who your company really is.

2. Behind The Scenes

If your end product or service includes an interesting process behind the scenes – why not show your audience the effort and skill that goes into what you do?!

To put it simply, the more you can involve your audience into your brand, the more they will be invested in what you have to offer.

Plus, behind the scenes videos offer great brand storytelling, and go hand in hand with company culture videos we discussed earlier.

With 86% of businesses now using video marketing, you have to try incredibly hard to stand out from the crowd, and the best way to do so, is by showing your unique personality and avoiding tired tactics.

3. Interviews

If you really want to build strong brand authority, interview videos are the one!

If you’ve already created a strong network and have good connections with industry leaders, why not try to reach out and ask if you can interview them on camera.

And what this will do, is it will help you to align your brand with a thought leader or someone who holds great influence over the market.

As such, interview videos help your company to establish its authority as its backup by a respected voice.

Furthermore, interview videos create a one-to-one experience for your viewers and answer some of the questions they may have had; bonus points – create polls and ask your audience what questions they want answered and this will encourage them to watch the interview video once it’s released.

4. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the ones that do exactly that – explain things.

What’s great about this type is that there is so much you can create; think about what hints and tips you can share, talk your audience through a demo or teach them how to solve a problem. Or even share your own experiences and lessons learnt which led you to creating your product or service today.

By creating these videos, you’ll find you’re able to position yourself as an industry leader and gain authority within your market.

To think of some ideas, ask yourself what would my audience be looking for; answering their queries at every stage of the buying funnel so think from a search perspective.

Lastly, explainer videos are great at giving away free content without directly promoting your product or service and as a result, your audience will view your company as a trusted source and potentially buy from you later down the line.

5. Event Videos 

If your company holds events quite regularly, or even if it’s only once or twice a year – make a video out of it.

In the age of social media, event videos are becoming increasingly popular, especially when you incorporate a sneak peek of behind the scenes – consumers love to be involved.

Did you know, 69% of millennials experience FOMO daily; the psychological phenomenon where people feel anxiety when excluded from important events.

With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, you can start by uploading stories of little snippets leading up to the event – think about showing your audience anything that even those attending may not see, backstage for example.

Then, create an exciting event video and reach a wider audience, wishing they were there.

Extra tip! To get the best possible result from your event videos, consider filming them live on your preferred social media platform.

Before You Go… 

Now you have an idea of the types of videos you can be creating, there’s still work to do.

Once you start creating and posting video content online, it’s recommended to keep up the momentum and post on a regular basis as part of your content marketing strategy.

You can start slowly by creating a series of videos each week or months – but remember, consistency is key in order to build brand authority.

To find out more, please get in touch today.

In the meantime, check our Digital Marketing services to see how we can help; and check our YouTube Channel: Axies & Kankei.

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