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Most of the time, we are so immersed in business that we miss out on clear cut signs.

And, some of these clear cut signs are a great indicator of what to expect next and prepare for it.

Now the issue is: if you don’t pick on these signs, you may be taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

And overall, you are slowing down your progress because you are unable to spot it.

To be fair, we have made the same mistake in the past. However, over time, we have started to take leaps in the right direction, and then double down on what is bringing the results.

Saying that, and to help you out, here are 3 sure signs that you are close to a breakthrough, to keep an eye on:


1. Some People Actually Dislike You

I can assure you that there is no single business in this world that everyone loves.

Statistically, psychologically, from the perspective of evolutionary theory: pick any area that you respect and you will find evidence that it is impossible to be liked by everyone around you and your business.

However, when you are small, working in a smaller circle, you may be liked by everyone around you. But, once you start growing and expanding your reach, get ready to face some people that don’t like you.

There’s no need to take this personally. This is just part of the human experience, more prevalent in business.

You should actually celebrate when someone can be triggered enough to demonstrate resistance; you have finally reached a point where you are dividing opinion and establishing yourself in the market.


2. You Can Turn Down Clients

This is a special moment.

When you start your business, chances are you will take on projects because of limited opportunities and because you need work to stay afloat.

Sadly, this may continue for a while, and we have all had to accept working with people because we could not afford to turn them down.

But, if you keep pushing and growing your business, you will reach the point where you can turn down work, or not proceed beyond a specific point with some people.

In our case, luckily, we have not had to turn down many people; we seem to attract the right people most of the time.

However, we have had a couple of instances where people try to push as much to get as much out of us as possible. In such cases, we hold our ground because 2 clients paying the same amount of money should get the same value. Just because someone likes to push to get a discount or just more work in general, should not be something you are doing in business. So, we politely move on.

In any case, if someone is pushing so much in the beginning, working with them is not a walk in the park either. So, you are better off without them.

And, if you turn them down, you are definitely at a health stage in your business.


3. The Decisions are Getting Tougher

Business growth involves walking out of your comfort zone.

That is a reality that we all have to accept. And, the quicker you accept that, the quicker you can move forward.

Instead of seeing that as a negative, see it as a sign of forward motion and personal and professional growth.

You are getting there; keep pushing.


To learn more, get in touch with us today.

In the meantime, please check our digital marketing services to find out how we can help you grow.


And here’s an example of us walking out of our comfort zone: when we posted our 1st ever YouTube video. Now it’s a walk in the park indeed and we love doing it.



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