LinkedIn regularly ranks as the most trusted social network over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Even though it isn’t the biggest platform, viewed as the most trusted means there’s a great opportunity for you to have your voice heard and position yourself as an expert in your field.

With over 750 million users, your audience is out there – you just need to reach them.

If you find yourself often wondering “what should I post on LinkedIn?”, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 LinkedIn post ideas you can use for your business.

Original Long Form Content

On LinkedIn, it’s easy to write and publish your own original content – it literally asks you to ‘write an article’. 

Similarly to blogging, posting original long form content on LinkedIn is a tried and tested way to expose your brand to a bigger, active audience.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to spend hours writing.

Instead, think of it as having an interesting conversation and contributing to your community.

Doing so provides a voice to a network of like minded individuals who are listening; getting you noticed as an industry expert and promoting your professional reputation.

It’s never too late to start, so what are you waiting for!

Share Industry Trends

We hear about sharing valuable information with our target audience all the time – but what does that actually mean?

Well, sharing industry trends shows you are familiar with surrounding topics that could be helpful to your potential clients.

At the end of the day, people remember the smarter ones who offer reliable advice; consistently sharing industry news and trends reminds your audience to come back for more in the long run.

Brag a Little

There’s nothing wrong with blowing your own trumpet and bragging a little – it is your brand after all; we can appreciate pride.

Remember, LinkedIn is a professional social network, so just as you would share your personal life on Facebook for example, then you should feel comfortable enough to share work achievements on LinkedIn.

In fact, a little bragging gives your audience a stronger sense of who you are, what you’ve accomplished and inspires others.

Without a humble brag, LinkedIn would be a ghost town of online courses and interview tips – bragging actually brings the most out of LinkedIn.

So, shout about what your business is getting up to behind the scenes and become a personable brand.

Post Videos

Videos work well on social media and LinkedIn is no different.

When you’re scratching your head wondering what to post on LinkedIn, think about the last video you watched or photo you saw – what did it make you feel? Post it!

Again, this promotes yourself as an insightful brand within the industry.

Furthermore, if you use videos with subtitles, 39% of people are more likely to finish watching it.

Make Predictions

The great thing about predictions is you don’t have to be right or wrong.

Instead, it’s another useful conversation starter.

For instance, if there’s something you have an opinion out, share it with your prediction on the topic.

Alternatively, you could create a poll or ask questions to your audience and generate better engagement.

All in all, you want to look like an industry leader – not a follower.

Moreover, sharing your personal thoughts and opinions prevents content from becoming boring very quickly; imagine what LinkedIn would look like if we all shared the same content?

Closing Remarks

As LinkedIn continues to remain an industry standard for professional networking, it’s the best online place to market yourself and your business.

You should be posting a variety of content to engage and inspire your audience to firmly establish your presence.

Next time you’re going to post on LinkedIn and you struggle with ideas, consider these 5 types of content above!

In the meantime, check our LinkedIn Management services.

And if you loved these ideas for posting on LinkedIn, how about we give you 45 more in our video here: