LinkedIn Lead Generation

Growing Through LinkedIn
We Do Not

Simply posts on your behalf.

If that is what you are looking for, we suggest hiring a social media content writer, and scheduling the content using a tool, e.g. Hootsuite or any CRM system that you may already have.

We Do

Utilise targeting and relationship-building strategies, using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

To put it simply, we are able to target your audience, on the basis of a multitude of variables, e.g. size, geographical location, and specific sectors, after putting time into understanding and mapping what you are trying to achieve in the long term.

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Approaching a Sale

Connecting with someone and sending a sales pitch, straightaway, is the worst possible approach to LinkedIn. You are basically proposing to someone who got on the same bus as you and sat on the seat next to you.

Therefore, we work on building a familiarity and plant little seeds that will clarify your values and end up attracting the right people to you that you can do business with.

Using this exact methodology, 95% of our lead-generation comes through LinkedIn, and we have been able to replicate these results for our valued customers.

Our Approach

To begin, understand that each social media platform must be used for a different purpose.

For instance, if your product requires extensive direct viewership from your customers, you are better off on Facebook. However, if you have a product that can be made physically accessible and appealing,
you should focus on

Similarly, if you are all about providing a relationship-driven product or service, preferably B2B…
LinkedIn is the place to be.

LinkedIn Lead Generation
What’s Next?

In order to gain a better understanding of your business, we will look to bring you into our ecosystem, and then look to build your presence on LinkedIn, from there.

Please get in touch to begin our journey together for LinkedIn Lead Generation.