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Producing content is all well and good.

But, producing self-indulgent content can be a disaster for your brand. In fact, it can turn your audience off.

So, what you need is content that feels more personal. To do so, here are our top 5 tips:


1. Listen to Your Audience

Your goal with content is to demonstrate that you care about your audience.

And, what better way to show care than to actually produce content that your audience has been craving?

So, if the same questions keep coming back to you, why don’t you answer it coherently in a single go?


2. Share Your Journey

Nothing makes content more personal than sharing your journey; people love a backstory.

Think of the early days of your business, or even before you started business. Even a day to day breakdown of stories will do the job.

While doing so, just make sure you stay focused on your audience, and adapt your content to make it valuable.

This practice is so common that, almost all, great books always start with an introduction that provides the backstory of where the content of the book is coming from. There must be a reason why all these great authors are providing a backstory; doing so makes the whole experience more personal.


3. Set Your Own Boundaries

Authenticity gets lost sometimes when business interest is involved.

I am not saying: go off the cuff and be a complete rebel; I am saying that your content doesn’t need to over try to please everyone.

If you truly believe something needs to be said about a topic: say it.

However, as you do so, remember to draw your boundaries and adhere to them.


4. Be Specific

There’s little value in going in circles; there’s little value in trying to pump up that word count.

So, no matter what you are writing about, go straight towards it and don’t waste the time of your audience.


5. Empower

The role of content is not to draw you as a hero; content is expected to add value to the lives of the people reading it.

In other words, empower your audience and give them something to take home.


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