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What would you do If you invest heavily in a business just before a recession?

Tough question to answer. Let’s learn from the experience of Falcon Insurance.

Falcon Insurance

Pinder Singh Dhaliwal , the director of Falcon Insurance, has been working in the insurance sector since he was 18. But, it was about 10 years ago go when he took his insurance business to the streets of Birmingham.

Starting off from motorcycle insurance, in 2008 Pindar took the bold step and diversified into commercial and landlord insurance. But, the business did not start from zero.

Falcon insurance was privileged to have been able to grow from personal networks – more specifically his mother-in-law. But, that was just the beginning.

Networking to Grow Your Business

Pindar has seen the potential of networking first hand, where he describes interactions as planting seeds in a fields. You need patience and nurturing abilities to bear fruits in the right season. He proudly tells of how golfing for 4 years led to one of the biggest clients he has now.

Networking also leads to knowing people at a more personal level. And, even if they don’t become clients, they always know more people that can. You just need to show that you are willing to go the extra mile; extremely true for Pinder.

Customers would usually recommend Pinder because he goes out of his way and provides insurance in areas with limited knowledge.

For example, when a landlord converts a home into an HMO property, the associated regulations are quite different. This means that the insurance requirements need to be managed well in cases where a mistake is made by anyone down the line. A £5 on the premium could save the landlord 1000s in the future.


As a result of personalising the knowledge of insurance, Falcon Insurance has gone from a net revenue of 2 million to 8 million in a short space of time.

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