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According to Google, in the last two years, searches including the phrase “should I” have gone up by 80%. 

In the same period, searches including the phrase “for me” have also gone up by 65%.

From an SEO perspective, such changes have 2 clear signs for businesses through Google:

  1. Problem Solving
  2. Exploration

Problem Solving

In the past, who did you turn to when you run into a problem?

Logically, most people turned to friends and family for advice. However, with the changing nature of search, an increasing number of people are turning to Google to solve their problems

The said change has an obvious dimension of meaningful content being available to searchers on Google. But, more importantly, there has been a change of expectation from people. 

People making these searches expect to be provided an answer to their problem. And, most probably, if people are continually making these searches to solve their problems, these solutions are worthy and people are acting upon it too. Otherwise, the search patterns would be showing an upsurge. 

Therefore, content, or even businesses overall, that solve a problem and rank on Google have a high chance of being successful and gaining customers online.

However, there is a completely different side to these search patterns too.


Not all searches are related to solving a problem. Saying so will be a huge generalisation.

Simply, people have realised that search engines bring the world closer to them.

Whether you want to check out a new bar or a restaurant, check travelling options or look at fashion trends, you have the option to explore through Google.

However, on this side of searches, the odds of buying are lower.

But, on average, each exploration sale is worth more. (Luxury is always worth more).

Therefore, if you provide options of exploration, you have a nice chance to build successful content, and even businesses around them.

Concluding Remarks

All in all, Google is getting more personal with each passing day.

Even at an SEO level, Google is moving away from over optimised content and trying to act more human. As a result, people that provide genuine value are coming forward with businesses and succeeding online.

In short, the future of search is human-centric with elementary mechanical optimisation. This makes the understanding of psychology, and more specifically digital psychology hugely important.

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