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I love an unsolicited sales call. (Said no one ever).

Apart from a waste of time, in most cases, there is another aspect of sales calls that boil my blood – Scripts. More specifically, the primitive application of behaviourism to establish sequence of reactions, and constructing behavioural scripts.

Don’t take me wrong. Scripts are not completely bad. They help organisations save time and mental effort when deciding on what steps to take in defined situation. And, when applied with a positive intention, can lead to positive learning.

But, this, in itself, is the root of the problem.

Starting with the Obvious

It is not rocket science to recognise that you are being tackled through a script. It is demeaning and degrading at a human level. Through a script, you have been generalised and not given  the appropriate attention that you deserve.

And, you do not want to create this feeling when going into a personalisation strategy for your business. The level of problems created by behavioural scripting go deeper.

The Bigger Problems

Let me start by stating the end effect before I establish what all this leads to.

By applying a script when targeting a client, you are putting a limit on your consciousness. And, what makes this worse is, you are limiting your consciousness subliminally. Your whole outlook may change over time without knowing that it has happened.

In other words, by applying scripts, you are negatively influencing the unconscious, leading to diluting your judgements. Diluting your judgement abilities then leads to negative behaviours, e.g. stereotyping and prejudices, given the fact that such behaviours already exist in our social behaviours. By reinforcing the social behaviours through a script, you are letting the negatives overtake your ability to question such things.

Death of Personalisation

The moment you start generalising at this level of grandness, personalisation goes out of the window. For personalisation to work, you need to establish that you are willing to understand the situation of your target and current partners. And, therefore, the solution that you provide is based on this understanding of the situation, rather than a mere following of a script.

Get your priorities in line and set your values straight. And, if you would like to learn more or need any help with customer targeting, get in touch today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]