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Not all opinions are created equal.

So, you may think that your audience is the source of all success in your business, but you don’t need to listen to all of them.

You know exactly what I am talking about; some opinions are just not worth the energy.

For instance, if you design a kick ass poster for your event, and you receive opposing feedback, don’t accept all feedback on face value; validate the comments back.

And when you validate, eliminate the following 5 groups of people:


1. People Who Want Perfection the 1st Time Around

People set different expectations for themselves as compared to others.

Yes, you should be good at your job, but if someone expects perfection the 1st time around, they need to be cut off.

Imagine if our content developers were getting the content right the 1st time around, there will be no need for feedback and editors. Similar examples can be given from other fields. That level of perfection is not even expected in space programs worth billions of dollars, let alone a business activity.

So, if you have people like that in your life, thank them for their input and send them on their merry ways.


2. People Who Don’t Listen to Your Point of View

This happens more often than you would imagine.

Even if the person means well, and usually they do, they just meddle to the point where it becomes unnecessary and a waste of time.

More specific changes and ideas can be discussed, but, especially, the ones who want to keep experimenting because of their active imagination, need some form of control.

And, if they can’t be controlled with a setting of boundaries and dialogue, well, time to avoid them.


3. People in the Wrong Place

Some people are just not meant to be in your circle.

But, they do end up there for various reasons.

They might not understand your processes, they don’t know the backstory to what is happening, they were just randomly there at that specific time. The point is: you will not be on the same wavelength.

It’s like: someone looking for their 1st ever album, and they end up finding “Cannibal Corpse”. It’s not going to end well.

So, it’s better to avoid them.


4. People Who Wander Too Much

You will come across people in business who just seem lost.

Usually, these people have no idea what you even do; they just have somehow jumped out of their bubble and landed in yours.

The most common instance of this situation happening to us is: when a toxic individual jumps into our content and tries to demonstrate superiority.

For instance, once I posted a meme on LinkedIn about what a “competitive salary” is; joking that the salary will be competing against your expenses. Now, if you know me and my humour, you will know that this is me taking a dig at organisations who don’t practice transparency on this topic. 1 gentleman proceeded to explain what a competitive salary “actually” is. I simply replied with: Thanks Captain Obvious. The gentleman proceeded to delete his comment. (Problem solved)

On another occasion, while sightseeing in Manchester, I complained in a post about how underwhelming the Science Museum in Manchester is, along with questioning the logic of dropping skyscrapers in the middle of nowhere. 1 gentleman, who I still don’t know who he is, proceeded to write a whole essay on how amazing Manchester is. If the gentleman had bothered to check any of my other content around that time, he would have found multiple positive posts about Manchester and my experience there. But, of course, this was the occasion when he had stumbled upon me, and felt the need to tell me how he would take Manchester over Leicester, where I live, any day. I simply replied: cute.

In the same post, even people from Manchester, who are my close connections, asked me about what had changed about the museum and other specifics, trying to understand where my comments were coming from. Agreeing or disagreeing with me doesn’t even matter here, but acting this way is a far more civilised way of interacting, rather than trying to make things personal.

Delete, block if you want. Just don’t spend your energy on these people.


5. People Who Just Want to Argue

In a world where anyone can say anything behind a screen, and get away with it, this is becoming a big problem.

For instance, if you make a mistake, which gets pointed out: that is absolutely fine. There is no shame in admitting that you have made a mistake and proceeding to fix it.

But, then, there are people who just want to pick an argument.

They might be just trolling or they are naturally that way.

In both cases, there is no pleasing them. And, to be fair, you shouldn’t want to please them anyways once you have realised their nature.

Again, cut loose and move on; you don’t need that kind of negativity around you.


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