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How do you react when you do not achieve the desired results in business?

No one likes to lose out after putting an effort. But, the way we react in such situations makes the whole difference.

From an optimistic perspective, no situation in business is a 100% negative. But, instilling this way of approaching situations needs the development of the right mentality beforehand. Once you have achieved this mentality, you have applied the positivity effect (PE) correctly.

Positivity Effect

PE is the ability to constructively analyse a situation where the desired results were not achieved. In the truest form, you are still able to draw positive feedback from the situation. This positive feedback, in turn, can be converted into learnings, which help in the future progression of your organisation.

But, the positivity effect can take some negative shapes too.

The Negatives to Watch for

Humans, as they age, tend to remember the positive information better than the negative. This means that over time, we have a tendency to side-line the problems to a degree which can be harmful for a business.

It is better to concentrate on the positives. But, negatives are meant to provide improvement potentials. By tackling the negatives, your overall business will improve over time.

There are also known cases where our feelings towards an entity overpower the rationality in a moment. For example, if a friend of ours gets into a fight, we tend to think that the other person deserved to be punished.

In reality, someone being your friend should not automatically mean that they were on the right side. In this kind of situation, you need to take your connecting emotions out of the equation and assess the situation on its true merit.

Concluding Remarks

In short, when applied with an understanding of how humans behave, the PE has the potential to draw positives out of any situation.

But, this does not make the negatives go away.

For your business to flourish, you need to look into streams of improvements. And, these improvements can come from both positive feedback as well as negative critique. Your job is to measure the two sides and take steps to improve accordingly.

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