Keywords – Approach Avoidance Conflict

Do you know anything in life that is unidimensional?

Then, how can we treat our ideas, and more importantly, our intended products and services in a unidimensional manner.

Evolving Ideas

The world of business is always evolving.

For instance, niche was the buzzword. Now, simply using the term niche isn’t enough. You need to get even more specific.

If you need a product with a clear positive but an associated negative, you may end up not buying it.

Similarly, your ideas may have both appealing and unappealing qualities, creating an approach avoidance conflict for you.

But, if you are not acting on your idea at all, you are losing out.

Businesses are developed and redeveloped each day. And, you will always have options, as long as you are flexible and keep your mind open.

Let’s look at an example.

Protein Bars with Low Carbs

There was a time when protein bars were the staple of most gym goers and exercisers. But, like many other things in life, things started getting more specific.

Even though, as the name suggests, protein bars are high in protein, they come with the unwanted addition of sugars and other forms of carbs. For some strict and disciplined individuals, this compromise is simply unacceptable.

So, what did the industry do? Did they think – protein bars are a highly defined niche product? Or did they take a step further and became more specific?

As the heading of this section indicates, now you can get protein bars with low carbs. And, this fact of low carbs is usually included on the front of the wrapping to target the right audience.

The result – there are more options for the customers. And, more importantly, the approach avoidance conflict has been minimised.

Let’s build an example from your business idea perspective.

Minimising Negatives

So, you have a great business idea, but you are not acting upon it.

The prospect of doing your own business is an interesting one.

You like the prospect of implementing your ideas, creating something you can call your own, and drive towards success.

But, then the reality hits.

You need to work tirelessly, sacrifice your time with the loved ones to a great extent, and possibly get rejected constantly, at least in the beginning of the journey.

And, if you start concentrating on the negatives, the approach avoidance conflict takes over and you give up.

What Could Have Been

I have seen quite a few people give up on their ideas. Usually, they end up being worse.

The feeling that you could have built something great is a daunting one.

The right approach is to manage the challenges and learn along the way.

Life is not a movie where a person has a great idea and becomes a multimillionaire in a quick flash. The reality is, there will always be challenges and you will find ways to fix them all.

So, concentrate on the positives and let them drive you. And, when you meet a challenge, get even more specific in your approach. You will learn, adapt, and move forward.

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