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If you are like most other business owners, you have spent a considerable amount of money on your website.

However, almost always, business owners realise instantly that they are not getting any considerable traffic to their website.

Of course, they are multiple reasons why you are not getting traffic; however, these 3 reasons are almost always there.


1. SEO

For most websites, their biggest source of traffic is search engines, especially Google.

And for that to happen, you need to be among the top 10 searches for specific keywords that your audience might be looking for.

Now chances are: there are not just 9 other businesses who do what you do. So, Google will choose to enlist your website, along with 10s of others, in a paginated manner that it feels fit.

So, how do the top 10 sit on page 1 and get almost all of the traffic: they have the rightly optimised content, healthy backlinks, with considerable optimisation to cater to the audience.

In short, if your website isn’t optimised and demonstrates your credibility, i.e. your SEO isn’t done properly, you will not get any traffic from search engines.


2. Low Quality Content

This point is somewhat connected to point 1, but takes a different shape.

When you develop your website, you are not supposed to just throw in your services and hope for the best; you need to demonstrate your knowledge. And this demonstration of knowledge generally comes in the shape of publishing high quality content, i.e. articles and blogs.

In addition, by producing high quality content, you can also secure a loyal readership, who can act as your well-wishers and spread the word for your business.

Similarly, good content is also highly shareable on social media, enticing people to click through and have a look around.

In all fairness, even if you produce high quality content, you need to promote it a bit, at least in the beginning, through social media, email marketing, and more.

However, in the long term, and with a bit of effort, good quality content is what you need to bring traffic to your website.


3. Bad User Experience

User experience is where it all sits at the end.

Even if you optimise your content for search engines, produce quality content, and spend efforts elsewhere to bring traffic, if the user experience is not up there, you are not going to get continued traffic.

For example, if your website takes too long to load, or users cannot find the information they are looking for, they are not going to come back. And if you don’t fix these issues, search engines will stop directing traffic to your website because they will be clicking back too quickly, indicating that you are not matching the expectations of your target audience.


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