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Consider this scenario:

  • Your target customer is aware of their problem/s.
  • They are also aware that you have the solution/s.
  • And they even know which of your products and services will get them there.

But, is the sale done?

No, not really. You can still lose the sale; there’s still that little bit of final reluctance. And this reluctance can become an even bigger problem, given that more solutions are just a click away.

To help you out: here’s how you can prevent the sale from dropping out and get rid of the reluctance:


Remain Consistent

You will be surprised by how often this happens:

There is one consistent tone that brought in the potential sale. But, at the last step, the messaging takes a turn that collapses everything.

Let’s take my own example: I am known to put out the truth for our audience. And, I know that, people who like this straightforwardness, they really like this straightforwardness.

So, what will be the impact when I suddenly start agreeing with everything that the potential client is saying, just because they are about to be closed.

Yes, you need to tweak the messaging at each stage of the customer journey, but you cannot change the tone of it; the tone needs to remain the same. You just cannot switch from Bob Ross to Tony Robbins. (To be fair, never go full Tony Robbins either; there is balance somewhere in between there).

(P.S. I would have said Gary Vee, but I find most of his messaging to have lost impact over the years. He has become a slave to his own tone and doesn’t seem to really believe in what he puts out himself. A natural transition is usually more trustworthy. I am still blatant with my audience but I have worked on how to make the messaging more digestible).


Continue Selling the Solution

There can be a tendency at this point to think that: the product will sell itself.

You are not entirely wrong; in most cases you think that the people remember the journey. The reality is: they don’t.

So, make sure that you keep hitting the points around the solution. Just go one step further here: find ways to remind your audience of their own desire for this solution; remind them that they have been the central point of this solution drive that you have been making.

If the line is still not being extended, you start stretching it from your end: throw in your tried and tested methods to get the sale done.

In our case, we keep reminding our clients of what we bring to the table. And we will state the positives in a 100 different ways if we have to.

The bottomline is: the new customer really needs to know that our world revolves around them. Well, within limits of course. We have had our fair share of questionable clients.


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