My clients are not willing to pay me what I deserve.

We hear this quite often.

In fact, in digital marketing, this is a commonly forwarded problem. Many digital marketers will tell you that their clients are not willing to gut big bucks for their services.

And, I will not deny it. On face value, digital marketing in itself does not guarantee the charging of big bucks.

Real Cost of Digital Marketing

Writing a blog or adding a code to a website does not entitle an agency to charge 1000s.

You can get writers that write 500 words for $5. And, you can get coders for $1 per hour in certain countries.

But, before I even go ahead and express my sentiments for these prices, you have already developed your emotions for the low prices. The assumption is that the quality will not be there; at least from the beginning.

In such a situation, if you are paying us 1000s, you are not paying us for the service.

The Value of Digital Marketing with Us

You are actually paying us for the quality.

And, at a deeper level, you are paying “me” for the service.

The high expenditure on our services are not a result of throwing numbers around. There is a long stream of thinking behind how we have positioned ourselves. Being on page 1 across multiple UK cities, including London – a city with over 30,000 digital marketing options according to LinkedIn search results – entitles us to charge a certain amount.

Whether the reason for a client is association, a feeling, or an unexpressed trust in our abilities – people are not paying for the service itself. People are paying “us” for the service. People have bought into us.

Business Introspection

This process of thinking about our thought processes is called introspection. And, I do not need to say it explicitly, but it is a key component of how you position yourself in the market.

With the right level of effort put into understanding yourself, you reach a level of matching your prices with your value. We can argue here that value is anything that a client is willing to pay you. But, that will be an oversimplification of the concept of value.

You prices need to match your value. And, your value needs to match the language you are using. It is about a mixture of the right attitude for the right service.

And, it is important that you start with the right attitude too.

Starting with the Right Attitude

Our prices from day 1 were set at a level.

This means that all our clients are paying the same price for the same service. If a client is paying more, the kind of services are matched with the amount, while the level of the service in itself remains the same.

But, that is because we spent time in understanding ourselves, setting a target, and then putting the right systems in place to achieving that target. And, when we achieved that target, it validated the price that we had put on our service.

You may ask at this point, how did we achieve the targets? It is simple.

Validation for the Prices

We are selling SEO. So, out SEO had to be on point. Within 3 months of starting the business, we were on page 1 – that validates that side.

In order to run a business, you need to have a team of skilled people. Our extended team has already crossed 10 within the first year of operations.

You also need to pull business connections and develop a validation at human level; which is accomplished through networking and the kind of engagement we are getting on our activities.

So, if you stay in your shell, trying to convince others without convincing yourself, you are on the wrong track. You are on a wrong track from a psychological and strategic level.

And, to improve your strategic and business psychological levels, get in touch with us today to learn how we will grow your business.