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The inspiration for this blog comes from a recent article on Entrepreneur, written by Nina Zipkin. To read the original blog, click here.


The New York Public Library (NYPL) recently won an award for the “Best Use of Stories” for its inspiring portrayal of literary classics on Instagram.

The said classics include Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Metamorphosis, among others.

What the NYPL was doing is simply showing what social media can be used for, in addition to its basic use.

And, this portrayal of a vision is something we can learn from in terms of business too.

Selling the Future

What works better than giving someone money now?

Promising them more money in the future.

This is how Futures Trading works. Exactly, this is how most of us work. We are driven more by possibilities than what we already have.

And you can extend this understanding to business too.

You can apply the same principle to employee motivation or even sales pitches. Selling the future is more effective than selling the present.

Let’s take this notion a step further.

Selling a Vision

Dave Brock of Business 2 Community believes that selling a vision is easier than selling a product.

I almost agree with the statement. I will just change the word “easier”.

Selling a vision is more effective than selling a product.

And, there is a simple reason for this notion.

A product or a service can be a very organisation-centric idea. No matter what your business is, the moment you are talking about yourself, you are losing potential clients.

But, when you talk of the possibilities, you are making it about the customer.

Even more, when you are talking about the vision of growth and improvement through the use of your business, you are truly making it about the customer.

And, this is what business is.

We have said it quite a few times that a business is not meant to be for the individual who starts the business; business is done for your customers.

Make it about your customers and you will go far.

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