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Taz and Harmeet
A Little About Us
We Understand Business

At Axies, we are not just another digital marketing agency: we actually understand business. In fact, we do not provide anything as a service until we have internally tested it ourselves

Formerly known as Marketing Voice, we have already supported 30 businesses as clients, and 100s as part of our community to:

  • Grab a hold of digital opportunities
  • Expand geographically to other cities
  • Achieve growth at multiple levels, including financial and team expansion
A Little About Search Engine Optimisation
How SEO Works

Magic? Rocket Science? Constantly Changing Algorithms? None of these.

Google has the same conundrum that you and I have. If a hundred people are selling the same product or service, who is the best to buy from?

The one with the highest, earned credibility is. Like everyday life, the business with the right mix of knowledge (demonstrated through content), presentation (achieved with tailored user experience and delivery), and reputation (mentions from other business websites) wins the right to be on top of Google searches.

Benefits Of SEO

The difference between SEO and PPC is the same as owning vs renting a property, respectively.

Renting, i.e. PPC will solve the challenge of bringing traffic, but as the time passes, the rent will keep increasing, as the number of people wanting the same lucrative space increases. Buying, i.e. SEO makes that place on Google search truly yours.

Now imagine what owning that property in the right area, i.e. ranking for the right keywords, does for your branding and image.

What To Expect
Results and our office picture in the background

Clear understanding of the returns on your investment. You will know the exact search volume per month for your chosen terms out of our research and data analysis.

Ready to buy traffic that actually searched for what you are offering. As an SEO Agency in Birmingham, we take away the guesswork from your sales process and make the leads-closing more effective.

Build your sectoral and/or geographic authority. You are partnering with an agency with a track record of ranking businesses from Leicester to London, and even UK-wide.

The Process
Keyword Research
Find out the exact volume of each term your customers search for through Google
Data Analysis
Volume is just the beginning; search intent is what will get you the customers
Quality Backlinks
Our picks from nearly 1,000 credible businesses in our network will talk about you
Blogs, with the right topics and structure, will demonstrate your industry knowledge
Technical SEO
Bugs free, smooth running of your website keeps the customers and Google happy
Interested To Find Out More
All Your Answers Are Here

You will be surprised to find out that we do not work with any fixed contracts! As a leading SEO Agency in Birmingham, we back our ability to keep delivering with a 100% success rate, giving you full power over your marketing budget.

Most of our clients stay with us for years, ranking for their products or services one city after the other, growing sustainably.

The idea is simple: we want you to grow, which allows us to keep growing and maintaining our integrity. Many clients have ended up investing further, as the sales start multiplying.

We are straight-talking, businessmen who respect the value of your time. If SEO is of interest to you, please get in touch.

We work with established businesses as well as start-ups, so long as your business can benefit from SEO. It is not for everyone but we can help clarify that for you. You can read more information about our SEO services here.

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