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Trendy Toggs is a vibrant kids’ clothing brand dedicated to offering high-quality, comfortable, and stylish apparel for children. Founded by a mother of three, Trendy Toggs specialises in a wide range of kids’ wear, including tracksuits, hoodies, sweatshirts, and onesies. The brand is committed to creating clothes that not only look great but also inspire and empower young minds to explore their creativity and embrace their uniqueness.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Axies Digital, Trendy Toggs experienced a significant decline in their Google Ads performance. Historically, the brand achieved consistent monthly sales of £3-4k, but a steep decline in their campaigns’ effectiveness led to drastically reduced sales figures. With an ambitious target of £5k in monthly sales, Trendy Toggs needed a fresh and effective digital marketing strategy to regain and surpass their previous success.

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The Results

  • Sales Growth: Achieved a 56% increase in sales in month 2 of working together.
  • Revenue: Reached over £4.3k in sales, with £3.8k directly from Google Ads.
  • ROI: Maintained a strong sales-to-spend ratio of over 4:1.
  • Customer Retention: Noticed good repeat orders and potential for referrals among parents of teens, who are the main targets for Trendy Toggs.


Trendy Toggs Sales

How We Solved The Problem

Axies Digital implemented a comprehensive Google Ads strategy tailored to the unique needs of Trendy Toggs. The approach included:

  • Account Audit and Optimisation: A thorough audit of the existing Google Ads account to identify and fix performance issues.
  • Enhanced Customer Persona Development: Detailed customer personas were created to better target and engage potential buyers.

We then implemented this approach in the form of:

1. Shift in Ad Focus:

  • Moved away from an over-reliance on search ads, aligning with Google’s trends towards Google Shopping for physical products, such as clothing.
  • Utilised Google Ads’ in-built parent segments for more accurate targeting.

2. Custom Segments and Targeting:

  • Built custom segments, e.g. to target parents who follow social media influencers for their kids.
  • Created a mix of target ROAS and maximise conversions strategies to ensure both targeted return and acquisition of new customers.

In just two months, Trendy Toggs has seen a remarkable turnaround in their Google Ads performance. With a substantial increase in sales and a positive return on investment, the client is on track to achieve and surpass their £5k monthly sales target. This promising progress highlights the effectiveness of Axies Digital’s tailored digital marketing strategies.

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