The Spine Clinic


The Spine Clinic is a renowned specialist osteopathic clinic located in Leicester. The clinic has consistently provided excellent care and support to its clients, mainly focusing on spine and back issues in general, enabling their patients to reach their goals and enjoy better wellbeing.

The Challenge

We have previously worked with The Spine Clinic on their SEO, helping them reach a top 3 position for multiple keywords, e.g. Osteopath Leicester, Back Pain Specialist Leicester. However, from a targeting perspective, The Spine Clinic has been aware of the fact that most people, even while suffering through pain, do not take a defined direction towards solving their issues.

Therefore, with the help of Google Ads, and with the ability to expand our targeting, we will be able to bring in more bookings. In addition, by going after a defined radius of area, in this case: 5 miles, we could also go about serving a bigger variety of ads content that will drive further visits to their clinics.

The Spine Clinic Logo For PPC Case Study

The Results

December 2022:

  • Cost: £97.41
  • Impressions: 26,387
  • Conversions:
    • Phone Calls for Bookings: 3
    • Online Bookings: 1
    • Directions to Clinic Checks: 5

January 2023

  • Cost: 760
  • Impressions: 357,979
  • Conversions:
    • Phone Calls for Bookings: 25
    • Online Bookings: 15
    • Directions to Clinic Checks: 49

February 2023

  • Cost: £1,077.61
  • Impressions: 729,070
  • Conversions:
    • Phone Calls for Bookings: 36
    • Online Bookings: 23
    • Directions to Clinic Checks: 129

March 2023

  • Cost: £993
  • Impressions: 1,062,560
  • Conversions:
    • Phone Calls for Bookings: 30
    • Online Bookings: 18
    • Directions to Clinic Checks: 197

How We Solved The Problem

We had an existing relationship with The Spine Clinic, which made it easier for us to understand the direction the business wants to go in. By spending some more time together, understanding the possible targeting we could take, we started with the following specifics:

  • Target Audience Age: 30-55
  • A large proportion of clients work from home and have jobs that entail sitting down for long periods of time
  • There is also value in targeting parallel health sectors, e.g. physiotherapy and chiropractic help

Now, we are working with Spine Clinic to further refine the targeting, based on the results of the 3 months of data shared here, as well as bring in YouTube Ads to expand the reach of The Spine Clinic.


The Spine Clinic Numbers

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