Loxley Opticians is an independent eyewear store in Nottingham City Centre. They’re known for their unique approach to eye care and eyewear. They offer personalised service, eye exams, a wide range of stylish eyewear from different designers, and fashion advice. Loxley aims to understand each customer’s needs, providing a tailored experience that combines professional eye care with style guidance to boost confidence through the perfect eyewear choice. Located in the city centre, they’re easily accessible and offer exceptional service to all customers.

The Challenge

Loxley Opticians had problems with their Google PPC advertising in the past. They weren’t getting enough website visitors, and the monthly reports they received were confusing. They needed help with a new campaign that would bring the right people to their website and give them clear data to work with. Their goal was to get better appointments through more transparent and effective advertising.

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The Results

Working closely with Loxley Opticians, our team achieved impressive results online. In just two months, we increased their conversion rate by over 300% and generated more valuable leads. This boost in effectiveness allowed Loxley to book appointments several weeks in advance, a significant milestone in their business growth and online presence.

Our strategy not only improved Loxley Opticians’ online presence but also attracted nearly 500 local people each month to check their Google Maps location. This increase in local interest, especially among those who prefer in-person shopping, highlights Loxley’s growing reputation and connection in the community. By reaching out to a demographic that values in-person experiences, Loxley has expanded its customer base and solidified its brand as a trusted destination for eye care and eyewear in Nottingham.

How We Solved The Problem

To address Loxley Opticians’ challenges, we began with a thorough audit and optimization of their Google Ads account. This involved improving the quality score and aligning search terms, keywords, ads, and landing pages. We also created customer personas based on insights into the target audience’s demographics and preferences. This helped us select relevant keywords and design landing pages that would resonate with potential customers. These pages featured engaging content, videos, and clear calls-to-action, resulting in a more effective digital marketing strategy that attracted an engaged and relevant audience.

We also updated the landing pages on their website before launching the Google ads. These changes aimed to make the pages more relevant for visitors, reducing the likelihood of them leaving. The landing page improvements included:

  1. Starting Statement: A welcoming statement addressing the main challenge each landing page addressed.
  2. Video: We added a YouTube video, allowing visitors to see the surgeon handling implant cases. The video explained his patient support approach and showcased before and after photos of existing patients.
  3. Call to Action (CTA): We invited visitors to take action, such as getting in touch via phone or email.
  4. Extra Information: For those wanting to learn more, we provided clickable links.
  5. Final CTA: At the bottom of the page, we encouraged visitors to take action.

These changes improved the user experience and increased the likelihood of conversion for visitors engaging with their ads.

In conclusion, the collaboration between our team and Loxley Opticians brought about significant positive changes to their digital marketing strategy and online presence. By addressing their specific challenges through a comprehensive audit, customer persona development, and optimized landing pages, we achieved remarkable results in a short period. Loxley Opticians not only experienced a surge in the quality of appointments and engagement with their digital content but also saw a notable increase in local foot traffic. This success underscores the power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy in enhancing a small business’s visibility, reputation, and connection with its community.

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