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Frames Opticians is an up and coming chain of opticians in the UK. They currently have 5 stores in Loughborough, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bulwell, Radcliff-on-Trent, and Corby.

The Challenge

With a strong physical presence and marketing strategy, Frames have been interested in targeting more of the online audience, looking for eye tests and eye wear in general.

Put simply, they want the footfall of their surrounding areas to come to their locations for eye tests and then choose from their range of Frames and other products.

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The Results

February 2023

  • Cost: £2,116.50
  • Impressions: 915,534
  • Conversions:
    • Phone Calls for Bookings: 73
    • Online Bookings: 5
    • Location Checks: 457

March 2023

  • Cost: £2,712.66
  • Impressions: 1,209,039
  • Conversions:
    • Phone Calls for Bookings: 141
    • Online Bookings: 10
    • Location Checks: 765

How We Solved The Problem

Even though, in theory, Frames could target anyone within the towns of their presence, from a Google Ads perspective, it is more sensible to target defined audiences, even from just a testing perspective. To begin, we went after the following audiences:

  • Parents with Young Kids
  • Prescribed Sunglasses
  • 45+ Years of Age Individuals
  • NHS Funded Sight Tests
  • Corporate Sponsored Sight Tests
  • Sunglasses for Kids
  • Glasses under £100

We started the process with 2 stores: Loughborough and Stratford, and now have plans to expand to all existing and future stores of Frames Opticians. We will also be aiming to expand the target audience over time.


Frames Opticians Numbers

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