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C&A Building Products is a reputable supplier of high-quality construction materials, specialising in roofing, glazing bars, guttering, cladding, and other essential building products. With a strong presence in the construction industry, C&A Building Products serves both commercial and residential customers, providing reliable products and excellent customer service.

The Challenge

Despite a robust market presence and a diverse product range, C&A Building Products needed to enhance their online sales and customer engagement through Google Ads. They required a targeted strategy to boost their e-commerce performance and generate more direct sales and customer inquiries, while directing more people to contact and visit them for further consultation and sales.

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The Results

February 2024:

  • Sales: Achieved £36,400 in direct sales.
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Over 6.7x return from the spend of £5,460.
  • Customer Engagement: 322 customer inquiries, leading to additional direct orders.

March 2024:

  • Sales: Achieved £54,707.49 in direct sales.
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Over 10x return from the spend of £5,460.
  • Customer Engagement: 394 customer inquiries, leading to additional direct orders.
  • Improved Performance: Notable increase in sales and inquiries compared to February.


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How We Solved The Problem

Axies Digital implemented a comprehensive Google Ads strategy to drive traffic and increase sales for C&A Building Products. The approach included:

  • Ad Impressions: Maximised visibility through targeted ad placements.
  • Revenue Generation: Focused on generating revenue from direct sales and customer inquiries.

We implemented our approach in the following manner:

  1. Audit and Setup:
  • Conducted a thorough audit of C&A Building Products’ existing Google Ads account.
  • Set up optimised ad campaigns tailored to their product range.
  1. Ad Campaign Execution:
  • Created and optimised ads to target potential customers looking for construction materials.
  • Focused on high-visibility placements to drive maximum impressions and engagement.
  1. Budget Management:
  • Efficiently utilised the allocated budget of around £5k per month with plans for further increase over time.
  • Planned future budget allocations based on performance metrics and insights.
  1. Targeting Strategy:
  • Shifted to targeting specific audiences using in-market, affinity, and custom options in Google Ads, instead of relying on a keywords strategy only.
  • Implemented product-specific targeting for some audiences, e.g. outdoor cladding for home improvement clients.
  • Applied industry-specific targeting for certain product categories, e.g. hygienic cladding for medical businesses.
  • Refined geographic targeting from the whole of the UK to a 50-mile radius for most campaigns, ensuring ads reached a more relevant and engaged audience. This approach reduced ad spend wastage and improved conversion rates.
  • No page optimisation was involved, as the client is preparing to launch a new website soon.

In just two months, C&A Building Products experienced substantial growth in online sales and customer engagement through Axies Digital’s Google Ads strategy. By refining geographic targeting and leveraging specific audience segments, we achieved significant improvements in ROI and customer engagement. With a strong return on investment and a clear plan for future growth, C&A Building Products is well-positioned to continue its success in the construction e-commerce industry as well as face to face and over the phone sales.

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