Bindas Eatery


Bindas Eatery, located in the vibrant Westfield White City/Shepherd’s Bush area of London, offers a unique and delicious selection of Indian street eats, grills, eclectic eats and traditional plates. 

The Challenge

Even though Bindas Eatery is technically located in the Westfield Shopping Mall, which attracts significant footfall, for most people in the area, they need to know where to walk to if they are craving specialised Indian food or some munchies in general. This is because Bindas is on the outside of the mall and requires clear directions to be presented to potential diners.

In addition, beyond a defined radius, in this case 3 miles, the chances of someone walking in significantly reduces. Keeping these 2 points in mind, the challenge for us, in terms of utilising Google Ads included:

  • Google Maps Ads, with cost per conversion to be under £5
  • Phone Calls and Online Bookings for tables
Bindas Eatery Logo For PPC Case Study

The Results

January 2023

Cost: £436
Impressions: 154k
Cost per conversion: £3.03

  • Conversions: 
    • Take-away orders: 3
    • Phone calls for booking a table: 40 
    • Online reservations: 28
    • Directions checks on Google Maps: 107

February 2023

Cost: £784
Impressions: 521k
Cost Per Conversion: £1.90

  • Conversions:
    • Take-away orders: 6
    • Phone calls for booking a table: 95
    • Online reservations: 48
    • Directions checks on Google Maps: 311

How We Solved The Problem

Even though Bindas had never run Google Ads, they had a good understanding of who their target audience is. This includes:

  • People who love Indian food in general
  • People with families who come into the area or live in the surrounding areas
  • People who work in offices in the area
  • Younger couples
  • People shopping in the area

Based on this conversation, we launched 5 separate campaigns for Bindas Eatery.

We are now supporting Bindas Eatery with the following:

  • Attracting more of the higher spending customers
  • Upgrading the menu to match the target customers
  • Engaging with the after-work pub crowd as Bindas also has a bar in the eatery


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