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The Privacy Sandbox concept, dubbed Topics, determines which topics to share with sites and advertisers based on the user’s previous three weeks of surfing history.

The most significant difference between Google’s previous targeting system, FLoC, and the Topics API is that Topics does not categorise people into cohorts.

In addition, with Topics, the browser acquires data about a user’s surfing habits to place that person in a cohort, with new cohorts being created every week based on recent browsing.

The Topics API determines topics to link to a user’s browsing history on a weekly basis.


User Controls and Privacy Measures

Users of Google’s Chrome browser will soon be able to view the topics with which they have been associated.

Users will have the option of deleting or completely disabling topics.

There is no current intention to give users the ability to manually create their own themes.


Will Other Browsers Adopt Topics?

Google is in the initial phases of implementing the Topics API; so other browsers may not have had a chance to do so.

However, Chrome was the first and only browser to adopt its progenitor (FLoC), so it’s doubtful that Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc. will take Topics on board.


Why Should We Care

Google is going to remove third-party cookies from Chrome next year, and we now have a better idea of what audience targeting possibilities will be accessible.

Google previously struggled with FLoC, which included issues of adoption, industry resistance, and legal concerns. With this new proposal, the firm has probably attempted to address some of those issues, adoption in other browsers is unlikely, which could impact how many users advertisers can reach.


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