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What is your reaction to data and data sharing?

Most of us have a nervous episode when we hear data sharing by the likes of Facebook, YouTube, and Google. And, this fear is more of a case of a lack of understanding, rather than an out and out threat.

Data sharing for business is a game changer.

Data Sharing for Business

A good deal for business is always somewhere in the middle.

In other words, it is not about all or nothing. And, this notion is applicable to most things in life.

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Now, let’s look at an example.

The Division Between Upper & Lower Classes

For decades, there has been a clear division between the upper and the lower class.

As a result, if you were born in a certain community, there was little help to get out of the rut. Groups were not able to get the same education, knowledge or knowhow because of a segregation between the classes.

We are not suggesting that the divide doesn’t exist anymore. But, it is far easier to break barriers.

Instead, we now live in a time where information is freely shared.  

Now, you don’t need to go to the fanciest school to get the best education. Your challenge now is to absorb the quality. Having a WiFi connection is your way to the top.

And, this reality has an added dimension.

The Sharing Economy

When there is consumption, there is production too.

Your role is not just confined to consuming the information. But, you need to learn and share too.

This elevates the creation of data sharing to a sustainable state. Data is consumed and recreated at a better, higher level.

It is now about ethical ethics, rather than treating data like a money-grabbing scheme.

In any case, it is more ethical for large platforms like Google and Facebook to make their money from the business side of things. This makes the product, in itself, free for the end customer. Simply, the end user is paying in the data currency.

These businesses are not running charities. And, data is a big part of the equation.

Data means business.

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