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When trying to convince someone to do something, you need to generate a reason.

Simply, in order to justify making a decision, a reason feels like avoiding naivety.

In other words, this said reason becomes a trigger.

So, we thought: why don’t we share 7 psychological triggers that can convince someone to say yes:


1. Reciprocity

Most people, and especially any self-respecting person, does not want to hold onto debts. And, the feeling to pay back is a strong one.

Some palaeontologists even regard the need to reciprocate as one of the basic urges that make us human and social creatures.

So, if you can create circumstances where you have added value to someone’s life, whether that is personal or business, they are more likely to say yes.


2. Commitment

The human brain likes continuity, consistency, and commitment.

So, if you can create circumstances that require taking a stand, you can create a strong urge for consistency.

When applied in business, you need to capture an initial commitment: small and innocent, yet reasonable. Later, you can multiply the commitment and continue to grow your business.


3. Social Proof

Most people like to think of themselves as leaders.

But, the reality is that, in most circumstances, we act as imitators.

Whether it is for guidance or for simply a proof, we like to see how others think about something before committing ourselves.

This is where social proof comes in. So, make sure that you maintain a great social presence and find ways to propagate it.


4. Developing a Liking

No matter how logical someone thinks they are, we have a deep seated urge to surround ourselves with people that we like.

And, when we like someone, we are more likely to fulfil their requests.

So, work on how you are perceived by others, and you will increase your chances of getting yeses.


5. Authoritativeness

Not groundbreaking, but confidence is key.

And the simple fact is: no matter how independent you are, you are likely to listen to an expert. In all fairness, no matter what stage of business you are at, you should listen to people who have more knowledge than you, when it comes to specific topics.

The interesting bit is: this ingrained craving to listen to experts does not stop at a perceived level. In fact, even if someone has a big title or wears good clothing, we are more likely to listen to them.

If you want an example of this, note how you behave in front of your doctor even if they don’t say a single word.

So, if you want more yeses, position yourself as an authoritative figure.


6. Scarcity

No one wants a rock on the side of the rock.

But, you get a scarce diamond and there are multiple people who are willing to pay a big price for it.

A diamond is just more scarce, whether truly or not, and as a result, more valuable.

So, work on your scarcity, or the scarcity of your services and products, to get more yeses.


7. Personalisation

Finally, if you can make someone feel special, and provide a product or service that caters to their needs, you are more likely to get a yes.

The simple fact is: if you can personalise something and draw a picture of it, the recipient starts to imagine themselves using that item.

And once you have taken the recipient to that level and it’s desirable, the yes comes naturally.


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