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The Cowboys are beating legitimate and hardworking businesses that believe in quality.

Sadly, the trades profession is filled with dishonest practices.

Under the given circumstances, it is important to push the right people to stand out and continue providing an excellent service. And, there is an added benefit to standout with your value.

Price Vs Quality

You must be able to hold the prices reflecting the true value against the cowboys looking for loopholes to draw added money. Good tradespeople must come out on top, so more customers don’t go through a nightmare.

I, personally, have gone through the pain of drawing the short straw where I wasted money with a fitter when my home was poorly renovated last year.

Instead of trying to save money on a subpar service, jobs must go to people that know their trade and can do a first time perfect job.

To connect with your current and future customers, have you attempted social media, wrote posts and created other forms of content but didn’t get results?

But, this is not how things work. You need to have a strategy that works better with your vision.

Our Belief

Referrals still form the basis of trades word. The best method to grow any business is through customer referrals and word of mouth (Goodman, 2012). But, your options to receive the said word of mouth have extended with digital services.

We suggest using your current platform and clients list to push forward. And, use digital marketing to improve your chances of coming across further business by becoming more digitally visible.

What more! Digital Marketing enables you to portray your skills in a better way and offer a record of your achievements and abilities. You can guess the positives of this yourself.

Be Valued by your Customers

Digital marketing is the superior form of marketing in the modern era.

It helps you keep your current customer-base by efficiently informing them of your applied skill level. Your customers will value you higher when knowing your ethics and personality.

This is also in line with the fact that the rules of customer loyalty have been changing. Unlike in the past, you must invest more time to gain and support customer loyalty.

The next question is, what should you be portraying.

The Personal Side

When doing Digital Marketing, customers love to see a personal side and the evolution of your company.

For example, we have learnt through visitors’ behaviour on Facebook and the relevant popularity of the site that people enjoy connecting with old friends to find out what are they up to since the last contact. Simply, people take interest in journeys.

Show your customers the journey through Digital Marketing.

When can you Increase Prices and Win Big Jobs?

Keeping in touch with your current customers is highly recommended.

Enlighten them, so they know you and how you work. When customers experience your quality and professionalism, they happily pay higher prices because of the positive image of you in their head.

Digital Marketing helps you build and maintain this trust beyond the physical, so they come to you first when they face a relevant problem.

Concluding Remarks

When customers see one electrician the same as another, the price can be the deciding-factor for winning a quote.

Therefore, tradespeople must have a strategy to differentiate from their competition.

What makes one plumber different to another? A low price should not be the reason for choosing a tradesperson because customers usually need to pay more eventually for a botched job. When customers trust the quality, the price is no longer a problem. That’s why British Gas or Apple dominate their respective markets. Trust is why customers are happily paying 2 or 3 times the average price.

For the bigger jobs, trust and rapport are most important.

New clients want to research into you where digital marketing content gives the substance to stand out against the cowboys. Bigger jobs involve greater potential problems where the client wants to be confident leaving the responsibility in your skilful hands. Property developers want to make sure their student accommodation is finished to a high standard

Digital marketing, here again, allows you to showcase your knowledge base and experience.

How can we Help?

We help organisations by taking charge of this part of their job.

Digital marketing is the most efficient tool to build trust with your existing clients. It allows you to win the bigger jobs, keep customers, and indirectly grow your client base because your customers are more likely to recommend you,

To learn more, get in touch today.



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