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Are you a property business looking to increase website traffic and generate more leads? 

If so, you need a comprehensive content marketing strategy. 

Content marketing is one of the best ways to attract new visitors to your website, and it can also be used to generate qualified leads. 

After all, when people have a question about property, they tend to turn to the internet for answers. 

Be it a question on how to make an offer for a first home, or seasoned buyers looking to learn more about market fluctuations. 

Regardless, if you’re not posting property related content that will catch their attention, you’re leaving yourself at a disadvantage. 

However, creating content for the property world is easier than you may think. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of content marketing and provide tips for creating an effective strategy for your property business.


What is Content Marketing?

Material like blog posts, videos, newsletters, and social media postings are used in content marketing to promote your property business. 

The disadvantage is that it takes time, but the benefit is that it may cost less up front than traditional advertising and may create momentum on its own, bringing more visitors to your website, or generating buzz about your products and services without significantly increasing the work required. 

Property content marketing, like any other form of content marketing, just requires that you offer your audience with insight, knowledge, entertainment or value. 

In return, you’ll be able to develop trust with potential consumers, break into new markets, increase your search engine exposure, and more.


How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for Property Businesses

The main focus in property content creation is on getting in touch with your target audience. 

As the professional, ask yourself: 

  • What questions do I get asked time and time again?
  • What common problems do I see people running into during property transactions?
  • What questions do I commonly see online?

As you start compiling a list of topics, you can then start to think about the content to create around them. 

Here, you’ll also want to consider how, where, and when you’ll release material.

Overall, you don’t want to desensitise your audience with a flood of property content, but you don’t want them to go too long without new things to consume either.


Content Marketing Ideas for Property Businesses

The only limitation on content you produce as part of your property content marketing efforts is your own creativity.

However, if you’re looking for a plan to start with, there are a few routes that work well for most firms, and they can help you test concepts from and get your bearings.

The following types of content would all work well for property content marketing:


1. Blogs

Starting a blog is an excellent method to connect with your target audience and offer value. 

If you’re able to commit to writing an article on subjects with popular keywords once a week or every other week, your site will seem useful and vibrant to Google. 

Over time, you’ll be able to see your ranking rise, bringing in more views and clicks on your articles, which will lead to more traffic on the main pages of your website. 

There are a lot of topics that you might go into great depth on with this sort of property information, so make a list of your top ten subjects and start writing!


2. Videos

Video is an increasingly important medium for content and receives a lot more views than written content. 

So, film some videos that describe you and your company, or the property sector in general and post them on your website or YouTube channel. 

Of course, you’ll still want to include photos and graphics, but depending on your skills, you may be able to use videos in different parts of your property content. 

Do you have the ability to produce Instagram stories on a regular basis for your company’s account? 

Is it possible to make TikTok videos? 

Any video material you create is likely to offer you a greater return on investment than text alone.


3. Social Media

While it’s unlikely that you’ll acquire millions of followers solely through your tweets, social media accounts may still be a useful content tool for your business because of newsjacking and influencer mentions. 

Hitching your brand to popular news and attempting to obtain endorsements or tags from individuals with large followings on social media may quickly accumulate a lot of impressions and clicks for you.


4. Infographics

You should also consider adding some infographics to your property content. 

Unsurprisingly, without an appealing visual element, a bland text gets less engagement, and what’s the purpose of creating stuff that people won’t read? 

Nowadays, there are plenty of programs that allow you to create eye-catching visual aids, and if you add reliable property information in the process, you may gain backlinks from other real estate publications, bloggers, and authorities – this increases your SEO credibility and may lead visitors to your website.


Final Words

Chances are, you probably already have some form of content marketing strategy for your property business. 

However, simply publishing content is not enough – there has to be a clearly defined goal and purpose. 

Remember: you’re the expert. 

A client who’s trusting a property agent to sell their home, or purchase a new one, will feel far more comfortable if you can demonstrate knowledge inside and out. 

A well-defined, step-by-step content marketing plan can help you reach your objectives faster, with less money, expand your presence with each piece, and boost visibility, reputation and trust. 


To find out more, please get in touch today.

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