Is Artificial Intelligence the future of Marketing?

Or, is it Extended Personalisation?

Maybe, brand-customer relationships?

The field of marketing has a tendency to create fancy terms or just jump on whatever is in the news. So, for a change, how about I tell you about the present of marketing?

Let’s go.

Integrated Marketing

Without any jargon: integrated marketing is a strategy of unified messaging across all platforms where you and/or your business may be active.

In other words, integrated marketing is the practice of remaining consistent with what you do, say, and intend to do in your business, irrespective of what platform, online or offline, that you may be using.

You may think this is obvious, but that’s the whole point. Even with how obvious the need for integrated marketing is, businesses still put out marketing efforts without the required coordination and miss out on:

  • Presenting a connected voice for your business
  • Demonstrating that your branding is not fragmented and headless.
  • Showing that you are organised as a business

But, that is just the beginning of the positives. These positives extend to:

Benefits of Integrated Marketing

Improved Marketing Performance

As a general rule in business, more organised businesses tend to outperform their competitors. Marketing is no different.

By having integrated marketing in place, you deliver a united, organised narrative for your potential customers to follow. And, as expected, your presented narrative is then simply easier for your potential customers to grasp and follow.

Reduced Cost

With a consistent message, you tend to develop marketing assets that can be reused and repurposed across channels.

This means that you are not having to spend time on deriving new ideas and continually creating campaigns; the creation of which can be an expense in itself, both financially and timewise.

Easier to Collect & Analyse Data

At some level, marketing purposes and, in return, your campaigns are mediums of testing out ground; at least in the beginning.

However, instead of testing out 5 different campaigns on 5 different platforms, if you remain consistent, you will be testing your theories more comprehensively.

In other words, you will be able to gather and then analyse data that is pointing towards a consistent narrative, giving you more to have a play with, tweak, and improve.