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If you read our previous blog, you’ll know we discussed the technical skills required for a web designer.

Whilst these skills show whether you’re qualified for the job, soft skills represent you as a person, and whether or not you’re the right fit for a company’s culture.

We’re not just talking about in-house employees either – even freelancers and remote workers are considered as part of the team.

With that said, let’s take a look at 5 of the essential soft skills needed for a web designer.


1. Communication 

Of course, good communication is important for any field, but it’s an especially important skill a good web designer should have.

Reason being, web designers need to have a solid understanding of your clients’ goals, and the client will want to know how these goals are going to come to life.

In fact, clear communication allows both parties to explain how and why those exact design choices are the best ones for your client’s brand.


2. Listening

Listening is very closely linked to communication – but it’s importance deserves it’s own discussion.

Listening is all about being able to fully understand and interpret what you have just heard; we’re surrounded by distractions (think office conversations and phone calls), so it goes without saying, web designers need to be good listeners.

A good tactic for good listening is to take notes when someone speaks, to really focus on what they’re saying.


3. Organisation 

In the world of design, it can often get confusing when there’s multiple projects running side by side, which is why organisations skills are a must.

Don’t panic! 

Simply start by creating a checklist, categorise different forms of content into separate folders and label them properly – create a system.

Doing so will allow you to quickly get back on top – and stay there!


4. Self Evaluation 

Most creative professionals will already possess this skill as it enables them to fix errors with an editor’s eye.

In other words, being able to analyse and self evaluate work, accept mistakes and implement feedback effectively.

At the same time though, they should be able to take criticism from the outside, as fresh eyes and out-of-the-box thinking can go a long way in this field.


5. Adaptability

As a web designer, you’ll be used to change – just look at how quickly the internet has changed over the years!

The ever-changing nature of the online world explains why adaptability is an important skill to hold as a web designer; they need to learn new technical skills as the internet evolves.

Secondly, web designers should be able to be flexible enough to consider your work a two-way street –  some clients just want their way, and their way only – so, being able to accept their views if disagreements happen.

Not to mention, being able to adapt to different clients’ brand guidelines and vision, means they’ll be producing quality content every time.


The Wrap Up

Now remember, it’s not impossible to demonstrate your soft skills as a web designer.

Instead, try looking at these as a collection of behaviours, to improve the quality of your work overall!


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