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Let’s draw an image.

While driving on the motorway, you see a cow grazing in a field nearby. Will you stop to inspect?

Unless you have never seen a cow, I am assuming that you won’t stop and simply keep driving. Most of you require more to get your attention.

Now, let’s make the cow pink. Will you stop now?

I am not suggesting that most of you will stop to inspect. But, the chances of you stopping have increased now.

So, what has changed?

In simple terms, the pink cow caught your attention. And, this is the same case with unique content from an SEO perspective.

Unique Content

In SEO terms, unique content refers to original pieces of writing.

From the perspective of good writing, unique content is synonymous with writing pieces without any plagiarism.

The example of non-plagiarised writing in literature is applicable here because the effect of unique content on SEO is the same on rankings and preferability. More specifically, search engines prefer unique content and rank websites with such content highly.

In our case, unique content has helped us rank on Page 1 across Leicester, Birmingham, and London for high yielding digital marketing keywords.

But, this is only half the story.

With unique, quality content, you are able to catch the attention of search engines. But, you need to do a little more with humans to get the attention.

The Human Side of Content

As we mentioned earlier, a pink cow increases your chances of stopping and inspecting.

But, in reality, it is still a cow. Most of you need a little more to catch your attention.

And, this is exactly it. In the case of humans, you need to catch the attention. Through SEO, you can put yourself on top of the search results. And, in some cases, simply fulfilling a need is all you must do.

But, in order to make people click and then stay afterwards, you need to hold the attention further.

Here, you have multiple options. For example, previously we have talked about:

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In short, you need to bring the x-factor into your writing and targeting.

It can be as simple as a catchy title and as complex as understanding human psychology. But, plain information will not cut it for the most part.

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