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As a service-based business, it can be difficult to share your vision and hence, grow your business. In our case, there should be no surprise why good marketing is a bulky investment of time and effort.

In this article, we will see how a message can be spread efficiently and effectively. We can learn from the current circumstances of the covid-19 that has complexed all fields of life from health to business. Here are our steps:

1. Drip Feed Information

Have you heard the saying: if you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.

Therefore, in the army, the best generals give clear set instructions.

In the same way, marketing is no different. Giving potential customers clear information with only one focus is key to closing leads. So, do not overwhelm your targets with excessive information because it will confuse and deter them.


On a related subject, if you would like to close more leads, please check our video below:


Similarly, during the covid-19 outbreak, you will notice how the reliable media is drip feeding the process of keeping safe. Giving too much information can be confusing and overwhelming.

2. Know Your Media Sources

What influencers do you have on your side?

From BBC to universities, who are on your corner.

All your representatives, the more reliable the better, will be great to supercharge your message.

Remember the controversy over the kind of messages that unreliable media was spreading at the beginning of covid-19. Governments and large organisations had to intervene to clear out, so the reliable sources could get their platform. At the end, people have turned to the right voices to learn.

3. Negativity Sells

It is no surprise that human psychology, in general, responds and takes more action where there is a fear of losing rather than taking action on the opportunity of gaining. In other words, humans are loss averse.

I’ll let you decide on how you use this information. But, think back to the point when people finally took covid-19 seriously. Until we were allowing clowns to compare it with the flu, no one wanted to take action. But, the moment the extent of deaths came into light, the streets were automatically cleared.

Now, there are still people who are not taking the right action but we are quite clear about how these people are regarded.

4. Know the Importance of Connections

The rule of authority boils down to who you know.

In everything from a social setting to Google SEO, the more quality connections you have will give you more influence. This is how our SEO Agency London & Digital marketing agency London page started ranking on Google.

Same is the case with covid-19. At this point, the flow of connections affected by the pandemic has chained to affect almost every sector, just starting as a health issue. Matters whether positive or negative, flow across to everything connected.

5. Find Your Brand Ambassadors

The right information needs to be repeated.

So, ask yourself: who in your community do you have who loves what you do and will be your spokesperson?

You need to onboard more vocal individuals to spread the word.

Here, think back to your social group during the peak time of covid-19. There are core individuals who vocalise the work of the NHS, but in terms of business, accountants provide core information about finance where HRMC just is not able to reach the cracks.

6. Collaborations are Key

Our marketing experience has given us insights that finding individuals with the same vision and executing together is far more effective.

In short, working together as a community with shared interest will allow you to grow your purpose far more quickly. We will share an instance of our collaboration over email marketing in the next article.

Again, taking the example of covid-19, now that people from various fields are coming together, there is a stronger sense to finding the right solutions. This feeling of collaboration is not just important in the case of a grave challenge but through life, and business, itself.


There are a number of pieces to the full picture.

Marketing is a process of learning and improvement where the pieces of the puzzle do not come together at the same time overnight.

It is generally a good idea to learn from other circumstances when a message has spread quickly and to all the necessary people. Covid-19, even though a negative instance, is one such challenge that has spread quickly, but now the positive efforts need to be brought in light and learnt from too.


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