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Let’s start with an outlandish thought: SEO is not for every business.

The said thought is outlandish because we are an SEO agency with operations across 8 cities. Under such circumstances, we may be shooting ourselves in the foot. However, we tend to move with the mentality of: let’s not waste each other’s time.

Let’s explore further.

The Purpose of SEO

If you are already here, you understand the basic purpose of SEO: bringing people to your website through search engines.

However, the true reasons go deeper. The true purposes of SEO are:

  1. Leads
  2. Brand Endorsement

It is quite easy to understand point 1. SEO results in more clicks on your website, which, at least in theory, should increase the number of leads.

Point 2., on the other hand, is more of a psychological phenomena. Simply, by ranking high on search engines, you will carry a certain prestige. Well, search engines, especially Google, don’t just put anyone on the top.

And, these search engines have only gotten better at ranking sites and are still improving. Meaning that the prestige is only going to go up.

Under such conditions, if your potential clients are not on search engines – SEO is not for you.

And, if prestige means little in your sector – SEO is not for you.

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In any case, SEO can become an expense, especially when you do not already have money coming in.


On a related note, if you want to improve your conversion rates, please check our video below:

When Not to Outsource SEO

Like any other service, when done at a high level, SEO is relatively costly. We have explored this idea of expense and SEO, in a broader sense, in: Money Saving in Digital Marketing – The Exaggeration.

Here, even though we are quite price competitive, especially when considering the kind of results we have achieved, there are very few startups that we will take on.

In fact, unless you have acquired funding for your startup, we will tell you from the beginning that you are better off using other avenues of marketing.

However, if we realise that SEO is for you but you do not have the funds to outsource, we are happy to teach you how to rank your business. For instance, if you have a unique business, SEO will work better whereas if you have competitors on the high street, there is a longer process to building a relationship with the client.

Later, when you have the funds or you want to take it to the next level, please consider us.

However, even if you are SEO ready, you need to work on other forms of readiness too.

The Website Angle

SEO will get your potential customers knocking on the door. But, your website needs to convert these potentials into realities.

However, this is not the whole story.

For instance, industry culture determines the call to action.

For example, clients from property or creative backgrounds tend to be hands on and will more likely prefer phone calls. Therefore, your call to action should be something along the lines of “Call now” with your phone number easily available.

On the other hand, customers who will want to speak to a number of service providers will want to send a number of messages and hence, minimise the time spent per effort. In these circumstances, you will want to lead customers to the contact page.

From here on, there is one more hurdle.

Branding Strategy

Unlike most other SEO agencies, our contracts are monthly roll ons instead of a fixed period.

However, instead of using dirty tactics to keep our clients on board, for instance holding their ranking progress, we are picky in terms of who we work with.

Given that we achieve most results within a 3 to 6 month period, this choosiness is key to our sustainability.

To put it simply, we only work with clients who want to grow across cities. As a result, once our work is done in a single city, we don’t simply lose the client and the cycle continues. So, the client keeps growing and we end up working with the same businesses for an extended period.

In fact, most of our clients end up expanding and venturing into other areas, where we are choice number one for their SEO efforts.

Concluding Remarks

SEO is not rocket science.

However, you will not find the same quality everywhere.

The best example we can give is: everyone can kick a ball but there is just one Messi and Ronaldo.

These guys are just better at fulfilling the aims of football: put the ball in the net.


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