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Some business situations require more logic than others.

For instance, if you are selling fashion or music, the room for emotions is far bigger.

However, for most businesses, in order to close a sale, you need to provide some logic.

Keep in mind that you can always trigger emotions in a sale, and therefore, you require the right mix of emotion even in your logic. But, you will need to find that balance.

In other words, you want to trigger the emotion of wanting your products and services, without the insecurity of: am I being an idiot for paying for this.

Interestingly, psychologically speaking, people are more worried about coming across as idiots, instead of just losing money. In fact, people will gladly share how much money they blew on a new piece of equipment they love.

So, your aim needs to be: eliminate the anxiety around spending money on your business, and turn it into feeling good about doing so.

Here are a few triggers you can use to improve your conversion and enablement rates:


Financial Gains

Possibly not effective on a heavy majority, but you will come across quite a few people in business that want to measure the impact of every effort in terms of monetary value.

This means that if you are able to demonstrate financial value in working with you, you will do great with your sales.

So, spend some time thinking about how you are going to demonstrate this; possibly do a bit of math to put this across in your pitch, demonstrations, and any other content.

For example, our main service is SEO.

If we simply share search volumes, most business owners do not see the bigger picture. Hence, we bring up conversion rates and the value of each sale. In fact, we encourage the businesses we come across to do the math themselves and figure out if it is worth “investing” in SEO. (You see what we did there? Because SEO is a mid to long term strategy).

Same goes with our LinkedIn Sales Navigator lead generation services. We know we will get through to x number target individuals for a business. With a healthy conversion rate, is it worth paying for our service?

If there is a clear return for the person we are trying to do business with, why would they say no?


The Success is Measurable

This connects well with the last point.

And we have somewhat covered it already. However, the same can be applied in other circumstances too: make the success measurable.

For instance, by measuring the response of a business audience on your website, we better understand what changes to make. And then applying the changes and demonstrating that the audience is spending more time, getting the right info, and getting in touch for instance, we will have reached the aim that we set out when we are helping a business redesign their website or rebrand.

Without conveying this message, no one would want to spend thousands of pounds on a new website, especially when they already have one.

But, can the business afford to be losing the people that are coming through and then leaving? Communicate that.

And this point connects well with our next point.


Mitigate Risk

Promise great service and back it up with guarantees and examples.

With our SEO services for instance, we literally guarantee that the website will rank.

And, we are able to show more than 30 businesses who have achieved those results. In some of these cases, where businesses have shared this info, we can even show the revenue that has come in as a result of our SEO services.

In the head of the business we are talking to, this takes away the risk of putting in money and not getting the results back for it.

And that was the aim from the beginning.


To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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