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If you use it correctly, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a great way to attract customers to your online platforms.

For a top-ranking performance, SEO requires attention to many metrics, including website traffic, social shares and backlinks.

However with its ever-evolving nature, staying on top of the latest trends proves to be quite the challenge. 

Here are 4 SEO trends you must know about in 2021 so you can prepare your strategy accordingly.


1. Voice Search 

With innovations like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistance, voice search technology has come a long way.

Without a doubt, as technology has gotten better it’s becoming more and more popular.

In fact, voice search statistics reveal that there are one billion searches made by voice every month and 72% of people claim using voice search has become a part of their daily routine.

With this in mind, it’s important to consider your keywords to optimise those for voice search. To do so, think about the longer phrases people use in day-to-day conversation; voice searches work better with phrases that sound natural.

For instance, people may voice search “what are new marketing trends in 2020?”, but abbreviate this when typing to something like “marketing trends 2020”.

As such, voice search terms need to be longer and human-like as opposed to typed keywords in search engines.


2. Video

With online video only getting bigger and better, it almost seems obvious that it’s the way forward.

Just look at YouTube, who now have over 2 billion users – almost ⅓ of the entire internet! 

So if you haven’t started creating any videos, you probably should.

In fact, Cisco has predicted that video content will surpass all other content forms in regards to consumption – if this doesn’t convince you then I’m not sure what will.

You may be wondering, how can video content be optimised?

Well to begin with, ensure your video channel name and description has been written properly; don’t just cram with keywords but provide a user-friendly overview.

Regarding YouTube, keywords are essential and you can take advantage of the site’s auto-complete feature.

For instance, begin typing a topic and see what pops up in the search field – this will advise you of the keywords people on YouTube are searching for.


3. Optimised Imagery 

Online images have been around for a while but it has evolved massively.

Google has insisted for proper optimisation of imagery for a long time too, so we can only assume it’s part of their long term plan.

To put it simply, make sure the images you use are of high quality and that the file name has been customised so it’s relevant to the image itself, as well as labelling the image so it’s aligned with the corresponding page.

In addition, ensure the use of alt tags as well as adding images to your site map, making it easier for crawlers to classify images.  


4. Local Search Listings

When we think of the internet, the possibilities are endless because we can access information about any company, regardless of which country they’re based in.

The fact of the matter is, most people use search engines to find goods or services that are local to them, i.e. hairdress ers.

Hence why local SEO is important now more than ever, especially with the rise of zero-click searches; these are when the user’s question has been answered in the SERP itself so they don’t need to click onto a page.

Essentially, most zero-click searches are local searches showing in the SERP and dubbed as a local pack.

With this in mind, start by creating a Google My Business page and have a strong log of backlinks to get your business into the local pack.


Concluding Thoughts

These trends mentioned above prove how SEO is only getting more and more complex and the days of just simply optimising keywords have long gone.

In addition, metrics are always changing – from voice control to video, staying on top of these is critical in maintaining and increasing your place in the rankings.


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