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LinkedIn is often seen as a site for job seekers and professionals to connect with one another, but it can be used in other ways too. 

If you’re a property or construction business, LinkedIn can be a great way to network with potential customers and partners. 

In terms of lead creation, LinkedIn is the best social media network, so it’s critical to understand how to use LinkedIn marketing to promote your brand. 

In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on how to make the most of LinkedIn and the benefits of it for your property or construction business.


First: What LinkedIn Recommends

On the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions portal, LinkedIn suggests completing your page with your company logo and adding an overview that uses key terms and phrases. 

Then include any information you want to include about your business such as location, industry and company size. The more complete your page is, the more views it will receive, which could mean up to 30% more


4 Tips for Using LinkedIn as a Property or Construction Business

Once your company page is completed, here’s what you should do as part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy:

1. Brand Image

First and foremost, ask all of your employees to connect with your page.

You may inspire them to add their name as a member of your company, along with their position, which will connect them to your page. 

Then, whenever you post updates or new job positions, it will be easier for your employees to share these with their network, and this will tap into their personal networks, expanding your reach. 

To put it differently, train your employees to act as brand ambassadors on LinkedIn. 

You’ll need a consistent company brand image that is carried through all of your posts, and a style of writing that feels consistent when each of your employees writes. 


2. Network

LinkedIn is well-known for its networking possibilities. 

Whenever you reference someone in your content, find them on LinkedIn. 

Whenever you meet someone for the first time in a business meeting, find them on LinkedIn. 

Whenever you read a construction article that you find inspiring, find the author on LinkedIn. 

By doing so, you’ll expand and improve your relationships with key contacts with ease. 

In addition, joining groups allows more people and companies to engage with you and see your company page. 

Furthermore, LinkedIn groups are excellent places for content curation. 

Participating in discussions or starting one of your own is a fantastic approach to get people from outside your location to visit your company’s page. 

When you create your own LinkedIn group, you may make it prominent by including it as a feature on your page.


3. Share Content

You will increase your reputation and credibility by posting your own material and commenting on other people’s construction product updates.

People will begin to trust you and value your advice in the construction industry, considering you an expert. 

Short, inspirational quotations and company announcements are appropriate for LinkedIn, but make sure you blend them with links to more substantial pieces of information. 

Due to the professional nature of LinkedIn, educational articles and blog posts on the property and construction industry are well-suited to this platform. 

You can also use multimedia to your advantage; don’t limit yourself to text-based material. To keep your contributions interesting, try including images and videos. 

To keep your position as someone who educates and expresses interest on social media, check in on LinkedIn at least once a day to ask and answer questions. Accounts that are inactive are quickly forgotten.


4. LinkedIn Ads and Analytics

To promote your content, you could use LinkedIn ads. This includes:

  • Sponsored Content: posts that you sponsor can be promoted to a wider audience beyond your connections; this can help boost organise traffic and draw new prospects to your company page
  • Text ads: these are PPC ads that can be installed on the LinkedIn homepage, profile pages, group pages and more

Before you create an ad though, use Campaign Manager to filter data by different metrics, like time range, location, company, job title etc., to understand what type of content is preferred and better target your ads. 

Then, use LinkedIn analytics to measure how many visitors have viewed your profile, who has followed you and how users have interacted with your posts. 

Measure these regularly to align your LinkedIn page as accurately as possible with your target audience, and take note of which types of posts are most effective for you.


5 Ways LinkedIn Can Benefit Your Property or Construction Business

With an active presence on LinkedIn, here are 5 benefits it can bring to your business:

  1. Stay on top of industry trends: construction and property-related content are hot topics. On LinkedIn, you’ll be able to see what others in the industry are doing by following influencers, tracking posts, joining groups and more.
  2. Build industry relationships: you can make connections within the trade that could result in strategic partnerships. Suppliers and distributors use LinkedIn for discovering new opportunities, so make sure your company’s profile is regularly updated to capitalise on potential leads
  3. Gain valuable insight: being involved in groups will give you the opportunity to not only share your advice, but to take it from other industry leaders as well
  4. Drive traffic to your website: you can post direct links to your company’s website and increase lead generation
  5. Build a positive reputation: a completed company page that posts regular content will create a positive first impression with potential customers and clients


The Bottom Line

LinkedIn is more than just a professional social network; it is a powerful marketing channel that can be used for marketing your property or construction business. 

You can use it to generate more leads, enhance brand recognition, increase online visibility, promote your company page and establish an authoritative voice. 


Get in touch today to find out more.

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